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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Wow. So you think that some fan making a racist comment is the truth? You think saying "no more black music" is the truth? You're even more odious than I thought. I mean, making disparaging comments about her looks was nasty enough, but co-signing racism? Fucking gross.
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  2. Her most difficult album is Evita because it's hard not to skip everything except Lament.
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  4. I adore that album from beginning to end. Incredible music.
  5. The truth referring to has nothing to do with that. I'm referring to fans not wanting another feeble attempt at a hip-hop style album. You presume an awful lot. Oh and don't insult me.

    While I'm at it, why is it ok for people to insult Justin Timberlake's looks, music, personality...everything, yet make negative remarks about Madonna and it's instant suspension? The hypocrisy in here is breathtaking.
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    He was quoting @riverwide....
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  7. Pretty sure they’re the same person
  8. RJF


    Sis ban him too. They're the same person.
  9. It's almost like Riverwide and Hitchcock...

    are the same person
  10. that's a funny way of saying 'I was called out rightly for being racist and sexist' but go off i guess?
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    SCREAM ok bye to another one!
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    Also it's so beyond sad to create multiple accounts, isn't it? Christ get some fresh air!
  13. mmm yath its iconic how swiftly Madonna haters get removed from the building
  14. Ray


    It took 71 pages though, if anything the moderators are exceedingly patient!
  15. WaiT a double whammy banning of two of the most vile posters here? And they're the same person?

    I am cackling.
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  16. Yas to taking out the trash. Like, I could deal with Hitchcock/riverwide's condescending tone and his feeble arguments and the weird chip on his shoulder when it comes to Madonna, but supporting racism and then trying to deny it when you're called out? Yeah, fuck that. Racism is the anti-thesis of what Madonna is about, so maybe it's just as well that she doesn't appeal to him anymore.
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  17. RJF


    How did y'all not know they were the same person when one turned up immediately after the other was (supposedly) perma-banned with the exact same tone and bullshit?
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  18. i need an album full of Beautiful Scars. All of them produced by Nile R. [​IMG]
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  19. Haha. They even both used the same terms: feeble, cracking tune, cheap demos, etc. Hilarious.
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  20. The racist accounts getting suspended today.

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