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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. I hollered
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  2. LTG


    Still bitter about not getting Pure Shores
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  3. Rightly. Ugh, a megabop.
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  4. Madonna has been playing with the Madonna-whore duality her entire career.
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  5. LTG


    Lead single a fado/disco remix of Like It or Not confirmed
  6. If she wants the title to be about Saints/Sinners concept, she could simply call the album Madonna-Whore Complex. Or Mary Madgedalene.
  7. Maybe she could name the album Bloody Mary or Sinner's Prayer lol!!
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  8. Saint or Sinner has a similar vibe to Rebel Heart, which was supposed to be a double album. Are we finally getting a double album? Saint one disc, Sinner the other?
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  9. Wasn't The Whore of Babylon the original name for the Re-invention Tour? There's still time to use it, Biblical queen!
  10. Well clearly, but she’s not going to want to make the album title something that has already been used...
  11. Sis, she named an album Music.
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  12. the whole religious theme is overplayed
    I'd rather Magic
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  13. Lol completely slipped my mind. Scratch what I said. Can’t wait for The Magic of Saints & Sinners pending release!
  14. She has to be lurking somewhere. We just brought up Isamaya

    She looks amazing
  15. I'm honestly already nervous about what she'll eventually say about the Michael Jackson situation.

    It'll likely be one of the first things she'll be asked - and I hope our lord and savior won't disappoint us with her answer.
  16. I'm bracing myself to be disappointed by both she and Sky Ferreira.
  17. @isamayafrench
    @Andy French

    Madonna is a lurker confirmed, hi mom ilu
  18. LTG


    She must be aware that it’s something people will want to ask. She hasn’t said anything either way so far, and if she was going to go the defending him way, I feel she would have posted something by now.
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  19. She probably isn’t even aware of the documentary. She’s busy. Keep in mind she barely even kept up with the coverage around MJ while he was alive.
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  20. Something like her George Michael tribute where she like MJ has always lusted for younger men - but at least waited until they were 26 - seems appropriate.
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