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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. I'm so intrigued by the visuals with these dark wigs.
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  2. We'll bop to the single for a week and then we'll have to deal with backlash over comments on Israel and Michael Jackson, who will be wrapped in black wire for the Instagram post.
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  3. Can we get SOMETHING?! A lil teaser, a preview, an album trailer, a pretentiously edited video of her in her bathroom. ANYTHING
  4. Or she's covering In the Closet for Eurovision...
  5. .......
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  6. What the hell could she be prepping so extensively for? Will she be attending the iHeartRadio Awards or something?

  7. This beyond inappropriate.
  8. She's killing the imagery this go around.
  9. Love how people were trying to drag her for smoking and then she posts a gif of just that to mess with them.
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  10. Not a fan of the look at all, but so excited for whatever’s coming!
  11. The dark hair looks amazing, especially because I never thought we would get another dark hair era again since she hasn't changed her look much in the past decade.
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  12. Pretty sure it’s old footage from the album shoot.
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  13. Maybe she's filming multiple music videos and photo shoots now because Tour rehearsals will pretty much start once the album is released?
    Also she'll likely take a month off in Summer for her birthday holiday.
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  14. I think she might be having a Beyoncé meets Truth or Dare moment, where she has a documentary with music videos with their own story woven throughout
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  15. In which time she’ll forget all the choreography and decide to push it back to 2020, because it’ll be time for her skiiing holiday just 3 months after her birthday celebrations.
  16. The teasing and constant holding out on giving us new material is giving me big Dita energy.
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  17. RJF


    I... have faith with her eventual opinion (or the PR-manicured version) on Michael Jackson. She's one of the few artists of her generation who has always moved with the times fairly seamlessly.

    I don't really know how I would deal with a defence of Michael... at all. I just wouldn't really be able to deal.
  18. Madonna's relationship to Michael has always been strange, and vice versa. I don't think he "understood" her on a human level - there's that infamous audio of him calling her a "heifer" and a terrible person etc. She usually spoke of him, at least in a professional capacity, rather positively, especially after he died. She did call him a "space alien drag queen" in response to the heifer comment though, so...tit for tat, I guess!

    I've long been under the impression that after the In The Closet collaboration fell through, they didn't actually interact much; I think I recall her saying in the '92 Jonathan Ross interview that they didn't have a lot of chemistry in the studio.

    Basically, if she does feel the need to comment I would hope it would be after at least watching the documentary, unlike when she was asked about the Martin Bashir one. Or just a statement of support for the victims.
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  19. If she did say anything, which she doesn’t have to, I would hope she says something along the lines that she thinks all survivors of abuse should be heard and lowkey doesn’t even address her feelings on MJ himself, which are bound to be complicated. Only because I know she said she was traumatized by his death and experienced survivor guilt. She’s clearly been a huge fan for decades, and briefly at some points even a friend of his. It was just a few months ago she went to that exhibit and was posting on her stories seemingly crying about how nostalgic she was feeling about him and grateful she was to be alive.

    But then again, she had no issue dragging Harvey Weinstein when he was finally exposed and they were friends for years.
  20. Don't even joke, a Dita return would be a dream!
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