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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Can’t she just avoid commenting about MJ either way? I wouldn’t want her to defend him, but if she says she believes he is guilty, his crazy stans will come after her on her Instagram. I haven’t heard many other celebrities making any comment on the documentary.
  2. I don't honestly think she'll be asked. If we're still a few weeks away from the era kicking off, I think it will have moved out of the zeitgeist enough for interviewers to leave it out of their line of questioning.
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  3. She'll absolutely be asked unless she makes it clear to interviewers beforehand not to bring it up.
  4. You really think so? I just don't know if in 2019 they are that associated anymore. But I definitely could be wrong. No other musicians are particularly being hounded about it, most comments on it that I've seen from celebs have been social media posts that they've chosen to make.
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  5. I agree. It’s not as though she is a member of his family or was his close personal friend.
  6. I think somehow she'll get asked about Michael, she's associated with him for her status of Queen of Pop, he's supposedly King of Pop, and not to forget since Rebel Heart era ended there's been so many legends leave us, she's one of the last ones standing, so I can see this being discussed, and then moving onto Michael. But, she can simply demand he isn't brought up in the interviews.
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  7. Well no, but he was regarded as the King of Pop, she is the Queen of Pop, and it's been ten years since she spoke about him at the VMAs, plus we've had so many other legendary artists that were contemporaries of hers leave the world since then. I don't think it's particularly reaching to suggest she may be asked about him at some point.
  8. Aside from his sister, she's the last living icon of that generation and still active. I just can't imagine it wouldn't be brought up, even if it's just because the interviewer is trying to get a quote that blows up.
  9. She’ll probably just make a passing comment on how we need to look out for our children, put them first and that goes for when Michael was a child too and leave it at that.
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  10. Poor Kylie.

    I actually would prefer silence in this instance.
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  11. Dddd looking from a US perspective of course.
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  12. She’s so gorgeous

  13. Mert Alas


    Hopefully it’s a magazine shoot dd
  14. If she is asked about MJ, she should just give her medusa look and say she doesn't want to talk about it.
  15. the black hair de-aged her about 20 years!
  16. I really hope the MJ subject avoids her somehow.
  17. Surely she has advisors and she is getting ready to be asked this question or to make a comment.

    Of course the ONLY response is for her to absolutely, unequivocally throw him under the bus and be done with him.

    Rid him of her legacy.
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  18. I know these accounts aren't always reliable, but it's something new to discuss.

  19. Yes, he said it in the comments of this post

    Edit: on second thought, I think he might be trolling

    His knuckle tattoos say LOVE HARD
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  20. At best, Michael was a peer who Madonna hung out with a couple of times. She said some nice words at the VMAs, probably out of survivor's guilt but I doubt that her stance on the subjedt would be anything other than "believe the victims". It's not like she had some intimate knowledge of his sexual habits.
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