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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. de-aged her, sis
  2. I saw "aged" the first time I read it, until I re-read it, so I'll let you off.
  3. Ok. But I still win in the category „most bitches during the same album session“ - Unapologetic Bitch, Bitch I‘m Madonna, Trust No Bitch.
    Madonna clearly doesn’t give a when it comes to these things.
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  4. It was a frivolous point bae. Just trash talk
  5. I'm hoping we get a single for at least a few weeks before the album...hopefully that is April...could we be a few weeks away...I can't take it anymore.
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  6. I can't BREATHE .
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  7. Is Madonna in Portugal? According to Maluma's Instagram, he's flying to Portugal.
  8. Hmm, another music video perhaps?
    Queen is hoarding.
  9. [​IMG]
    Confirmed dead.
  10. Preparing the forbidden fruit.
  11. Is she maybe wearing a wedding gown in that pic with the apple?
  12. Well...she was the bride, married to amazement, as she’s said on Instagram
  13. That new picure is indeed intriguing! I hope it goes well with the music.
  14. Apple Music surprise release confirmed!
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  15. I was just coming here to post this!
    Their new TV streaming platform is supposed to be released in April. There's a keynote event on Monday.
    Apple have been holding onto their platforms for a long time now. They recently did a deal with Samsung so Itunes will be available as an app on their TV's. Previously they didn't allow this because they wanted to shift Apple TV's but it seems like they've adopted the Itunes model where they allow their digital platform to be available on both Mac & PC. I really think Apple streaming service could make a huge dent to the Netflix and Prime models because people have previously purchased a lot of music and movies from Itunes...and let's be honest Netflix is a bit shite. I'd sign up in a minute.

    The fact that Madonna seems to have been filming multiple videos / more video content than normal certainly seems to line up. Madonna is in no doubt that streaming is the weakest point in her armour. Teaming up with Apples TV streaming would be a smart move and may even bridge the disparity between fans who are typically Itunes purchasers and the streaming model. TV streaming is a pretty ageless platform whereas Spotify does seem to have a typically younger demographic. Her supposed collaborators are also streaming giants. It seems like a smart move and has Guy Osearys paws all over it.

    The exciting thing is that we may find a bunch of additional streaming material available too. Historic releases and maybe even new stuff available to stream. Her old tours / music videos and films. It may even have been why she was back in the archives a way back? who knows.
    It would also explain the delay in the albums release. She did hint towards a 2018 deadline. Maybe securing this supposed deal has changed the timeline.
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  16. I think she’s supposed to be teaming with Netflix, though? The deal has been in the works for a couple years now since they supposedly have rights to the film she’s been writing as well as the alleged documentary.
  17. yeah this is true. Maybe that's just for funding for her film project.
  18. No, you're breathless.
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