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Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robenn, Apr 21, 2014.

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  2. Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    A bit too soon (for her to have it completed, not for you to make the thread) but an amazing picture, and I can't wait even though I am terrified.
  3. Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    She's taking pictures out of the bathroom!!!! The new era is upon us!!!!
  4. Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    Oh wow!! I am so excited for this and that picture is amazing! I wonder when it will be released.
  5. Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    After they decide on the singles and film the videos hopefully.
  6. Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    I wonder if this means we'll be getting a Summer single ?
  7. Re: Madonna - 13th Album


    I doubt she has an entire album finished. She's probably just letting us know via Instagram that there's an album coming soon. And I can't fucking wait.
  8. Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    Let's hope 13 really is her lucky number!
  9. Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    It's my lucky number.
  10. Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    Hope the first single is a ballad.
  11. moorje

    moorje Guest

    Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    Is she wearing her laurels from the Superbowl?
    Saving money obviously for the mortgage still, but hopefully for the first video too.
  12. Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    I am both dripping and 'meh' at the same time.
  13. Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    Best pop star on the planet. Can't wait!
  14. Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    Terrified yet also shaking with anticipation.
  15. Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    I hope she is not going for the Superbowl look again!! I'm so excited because I literally have no idea what to expect from her.
  16. Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    She looks like sin personified in that picture.
  17. Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    You can guess what she has been watching...


  18. Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    Remember when she used to blare her unfinished albums on a car stereo system with her gal pals like Debi Mazar et al, to get a sense of how it sounded turnt up, pray that she does something similar and avoids the mastering problems of MDNA!

    Either way, so so excited! As someone mentioned earlier, I'm both parts horrified and thrilled that she's been drip feeding so much information via social media. It used to be *BAM* BIG ANNOUNCEMENT with Madonna and everything would all come at once so it's interesting that she's trying a more slow-burn approach.
  19. Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    I hope she names the new album just 13

    it will be iconic
  20. Re: Madonna - 13th Album

    Are we here for another Mert and Marcus directed video for Madonna 13 ? Looks likely that she will be working with them again.

    I thought they did a pretty amazing job with Girl Gone Wild considering it was their first mv.
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