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Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robenn, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Is this why the standard edition exists? So that they can also sell the extra tracks as a separate release?
  2. I'd have liked the original idea of a double album with 11 rebel tracks on disc one, 11 heart tracks on disc two, and a third disc of 11 mastered demos for the super deluxe. I feel like that would keep everyone pretty happy.
  3. No, I meant it as these are not the right people.
  4. There's also been a clean version of the album randomly thrown on iTunes. Listening to the explicit tracks' previews now and the word "bitch" sounds like a Furby saying the word but running out of battery, kinda great, kind of pointless.
  5. I think it'd have to be bundled with the normal album to count as the album. Most people will probably just buy the 4 songs without the remixes.
  6. No.
  7. Where is Queen and Autotune Baby though precious? Surely sticking them on an EP wouldn't make the album go over time so what's wrong? I want everything.
  8. Body Shop would sound great on a summers night playlist, everyone sat around drinking, chatting.... The production on it is sublime, if it doesn't appear on the tour, I won't be happy. Cutting down the 19 tracks to what we will see live would be quite a challenge, though I don't want her to do a Gaga Born This Way or Artpop tour, where she'll play them all, but most of them have been butchered. I just want full versions of the best ones.

    And Autotune Baby grows on me more with each listen, I can really get into the backing wailing, even though at first I hated it.
  9. But they're popular """real""" artists with pop/adult contemporary cross appeal. Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry aren't really compatible with her image this era.
  10. I think it probably counts. It's a smart marketing move to prevent the album from having a huge second week sales drop.

  11. I just looked it up on and it doesn't count.

  12. OK, so they only did it for the fans? Wow.
  13. Oh, yes, for sure. It can only work if she goes all in. I want music videos with her head twisting off, etc.

    The tour starts in August, so of course she's going to go into hiding while she puts it together. The most we can hope for after April is a couple more videos. But she's already done more than MDNA and Hard Candy combined, so I'm not really fussed about anything else. She's also done a few more shoots we've yet to see, and there's the rumored promo shows in NYC, Paris, and London.
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  14. Hmm weird move then, she only released in the UK too.
  15. It sounds like Diplo is the one pushing for the "Bitch I'm Madonna" video. Hopefully he gets his way.!_i_interviewed_madonna_(part_two)
  16. What is this?
  17. Not the only one.
  18. US album chart updates begin here in a few hours
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