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Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robenn, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. 'Hold Tight' would be better if they had actually wrote a second verse for the thing.
  2. How many demos of it leaked? I only have two, one labeled Demo 4 Ruff and the other was just called Hold Tight.
  3. Indeed. Utterly inexcusable.
  4. I have three -- the original leak, Demo 4 and Demo 5. I don't think Demos 2 and 3 leaked?
  5. ^Thanks!

    I wish they had kept the "no matter what the world.." and "I know we'll find a way" parts from the demo, they could have shaped a second verse.. The breakdown is better in the final version though.
  6. Unexpectedly, 'Inside Out' has become my favorite track after listening to the album several times. I find myself mumbling the pre-middle 8 "let me love you... let me love you from..." far too often.

    I deleted 'S.E.X' though. I ain't a prude but the grillz rap gives me the heebie jeebies.
  7. It is the only part I can stand. Properly over the top.
  8. haha well, thankfully, Empire doesn't do a lot of covers. But I think it may peak early like Glee did.

    I hope M debuts at number one, of course.

    And I would love a tour version with some of the demos put back in.

    And a second ballads collection would be great. Something to Remember is one of my favourite compilations.
  9. Maybe she'll re-recorded some hits as ballads?
  10. I think it's safe to say that she's #2 on sales plus streaming and #1 on sales.
  11. But we don't like it safe, do we?
  12. Is TicketMaster/LiveNation not letting us choose our own seats or am I doing something wrong? Looked at tickets for a couple of different shows in the US and it looks like you can't use the map to choose your specific seats from the ones available, but have to depend up on the default option of TicketMaster selecting the "best" seats for you based upon your quantity and budget.
  13. I think, after a lot of time spent with this album, Veni Vidi Vici is my favourite. I even like Nas's rap
  14. Currently down to 7 in the first chart update of this week. She may not drop that much further actually as Marina is ahead of her at 4 but is likely to drop. Should be reasonably stable.
  15. Seems like she keeps working on the remix version of Living For Love, which is great because it's evolving into something really special. It sounded amazing on the Ellen performance. But for the tour I hope she goes back to the Brits routine (minus the accident) and that version of the song. It was massive. Maybe she could replace the Papa Don't Preach strutting with the one she does at the beginning of the performances of the remix instead.
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  16. I took my first really good listen to the last of the album tracks to drop on my morning commute and I was surprised at how much I like this now. Nas and some of the new instrumentation add gravitas.

    I even like S.E.X. now! I can't quite believe it, but I think it's her best album since Ray of Light. And I don't just say that every time she drops a new album! It's an amazing collection of high-quality songs with very few weak spots. Wash All Over Me, Ghosttown and Inside Out are sustaining me.

    I only listened to the first round of demos, but everything but Rebel Heart seems improved. Can't help but wonder if the fire lit underneath her actually led to making good, quick decisions that benefitted the final product. I'm sure the track order and separate themes would have been awesome though.
  17. Inside Out gives me life.
  18. Perfect opinion. I just wish there were some high notes or ad-libs in the final chorus.
  19. Inside Out and Illuminati bore me to tears.
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