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Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robenn, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Had the biggest smile on my face through that Dress You Up clip, she sounded great! Looking forward to hearing more of her and Ellens "Bathroom Concert Series".

    Also, turns out I remembered why Autotune Baby rung a bell in my head, so obvious now with Major Lazor/Diplo.
  2. I never thought she'd ever attempt the eighties version of 'Dress You Up' ever. This bodes well for the tour!
  3. Will Interscope support Ghosttown (with radio deals etc)?
  4. I have wanted her to do 'Dress You Up' for ages and would absolutely love if it was dug out for this tour. As close to the original as possible please! Unlikely I know...
  5. She should do an all 80's segment beginning with The Virgin Tour version of Dress You Up. The audience would go crazy and she can get it all over with in one shot.
  6. YES


    (She did Dress You Up in Sofia in 2009 but guitars)
  7. She can do a few 1st/2nd album tracks and make some sense of it in her stage story, since she has been talking a lot about her early NYC days and her artist friends this era.
  8. Why not go absolutely crazy and have a half hour long performance of Veni Vidi Vici with interpolations of each and every classic as she name drops them?
  9. She hates medleys but an absolute blast from the past with five or six of the lesser big hits of a minute and a half each in a dance medley (think Kylies Smiley megamix) and a few more in the acoustic session and all bases will be hit. If she wants to redress the negative impact the MDNA setlist had on the casual punter but still wants the majority of the show to consist of newer stuff and reinvention then a throwback megamix would absolutely be the way forward. Here for the Veni Vidi Vici throwback section of the show and no more trolling with "hits on the radio" interludes etc.
    Imagine a Dress You Up, Deeper & Deeper, Hung Up, Causing A Commotion, Open Your Heart, Lucky Star medley!!!

    edit: sorry this should be in the tour thread.
  10. We can but dream... But these'll never see the light of day live, sadly...
  11. I definitely think Dress You Up could make an appearance on the tour, I don't think she has totally banished it considering it was on S&S '09.
  12. And almost on Re-Invention.
  13. She was pretty damn good there. It's still weird to me how nervous she gets performing in front of people.
  14. Ghosttown has recieved healthy increases on US radio the last couple of days (14th biggest increase yesterday with over a million audience impressions) and although its total is only 3.5 million (the top radio song Uptown Funk is over 230 million to put it in perspective) but its a good indication it could be a moderate hit as Living for Love only managed about 6 million at its peak if I remember correctly and Ghosttown has only been getting adds the last 3/4 days.
  15. I think a megamix would be amazing for the last section and the rest can be Rebel Heart with a few classics/album tracks thrown in.
  16. Ohhhhhh what could Madonnas next performance be on Ellen? Look at this write up from EllenTube

    "Plus, Madonna Week concludes with another amazing performance by the pop superstar… MADONNA will "TAKE A BOW" with one more epic tune!

    You will “CHERISH" every moment this Friday on Ellen!"
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  17. Ray


    I love the fact she's performing non-Rebel Heart tracks. Hopefully this is a taster of what to expect on tour.
  18. Maybe the Take A Bow performance on tour rumour may have some truth to it after all ?!
  19. I kinda wish she did album tracks such as Words/Thief of Hearts/Survival. Just once. Somewhere.

    ETA: but I support Take a Bow. It's been 20 YEARS afterall!
  20. She's probably just doing this to get people who were upset with no hits on the last tour to buy tickets to this new one. Then she'll switch it on them.
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