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Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robenn, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. "Eat my pits".
  2. RJF


  3. Oh my god, that remix. Between the Mistral font in the image and the weird 1990s MIDI sounds, it's like something you'd hear in the credits of a video game. It's not that bad though, at least he went for something different.
  4. Stylistic reference?
    anyway just sign it!
  5. I refuse based on principle.
  6. Part of me thinks it was the plan all along. Lots of artists are remixing their third or fourth singles to increase sales and interest.
    Watch it get released as Avicii & Madonna.
  7. It's 2015 and people are still doing online petitions. Hilarious but sad.
  8. Is it true Bitch I'm Madonna video is fiming at the pool? Well. I'd like to be proved wrong.
    I like the album still, but videos are so subpar...

    I mean, it should be a pool, but with a twist. Kind of. I hope.
  9. She's biting her elbows for not releasing original Rebel Heart as lead. My guess..
  10. Yes. She shot at a pool, a hotel and two nightclubs.
  11. RJF


  12. What

    I mean whatever this is I like it

    But what
  13. I guess it's a Russian saying. Mysteries of the Beaverhaus.
  14. What a calf jerking idiom.
  15. Is it wrong I kind of love that saying in a Shakira sort of way?
  16. Signed! this is a great idea!
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