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Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robenn, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. I'm glad it's just in Sydney now and not flashing between all 500 cities she went to.

    *tries to find myself in the audience*
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  2. 2017 and i'm still slayed by Beautiful Scars. What a beautiful song. Lyrics, production, genre, everything. Pop GOLD. She did THAT.
    Dj Dahi, Blood Diamonds and Madge fit really well.

    i wish they'd reworked Wash All Over Me instead of Kanye

  3. So I guess the reason why Love Don't Live Here Anymore was cut because it's a cover and she'd have to pay licencing fees for it on a recording?
  4. Don't see why that would make a difference when her covers of "La Vie en rose" and "If I Had a Hammer" are included.
  5. Plus, you get a reprise of 'Love don't live her anymore' in 'Heartbreak city'!
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  6. Seeing the professional footage just makes me wish I was old enough to have gone to her tours prior to Sticky and Sweet..

    I absolutely love watching Confessions, Reinvention, etc on DVD but after seeing her past 3 shows live it just makes me wonder what I actually missed.

    I don't know if her eyesight is going with age, but why the need to put on that filter and up the contrast? And mix your perfectly decent live vocals with autotune?

    Also- they really went overboard with the canned audience cheers
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  7. The contrast is a weird attempt at hiding any wrinkles without going through the trouble of post production to smooth everything out, but I also think she likes the saturated look.

    The audience noise was waaay worse on MDNA to me. Pretty sure it was an actual loop and it was just super loud and annoying.
  8. The audience is waaaaay worse on MDNA make the album unlistenable for me anyway. You can hear it's like 5 seconds of the same on a loop, throughout the entire show. The crowd still cheer at the same level midway through each song.
  9. I love this song too! So summery I played it loads this year......Still can't get my head round the dreadful repitching, which really spoils it for me. I'm about 99.9% sure this song isn't finished. The vocal sounds more like a guide with the intention of recording new vocals.
  10. This DVD is painful to watch. Apart from the epilieptic fit-inducing red screens that pop up all over Bitch I'm Madonna and the camera changing angle every 1 second, the fact that it changes between 500 countries every 2 seconds is really annoying. Completely different outfits popping up all over the place and God knows what you're listening to as it could be a recording from anywhere anyplace. Sometimes it makes it look like she's doing that Beyonce just singing over a backing track but really it's cos the sound is playing from one country and the visual from another country. Why can't she just give us a straight-forward show recording!

  11. Great fan edits like this are actually more watchable than the DVD. I don't have a problem with the live album, I enjoyed listening to it. But those colors and filters really ruin the experience.

    Also, I think she is covering her neck all the time because of her age and she really doesn't need to. All the previous outfits look like they are choking her whereas this Unapologetic Bitch one looks perfectly good. I can't believe Madonna The Brave can't be comfortable enough to show whatever her body looks like now.
  12. It's been already discussed at length, but I couldn't get through her new live album yesterday, it sounds absolutely horrible. And I usually don't really notice these things. It made me sad.
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  13. Pretty sure that's what Kate Bush did with Before The Dawn, piecing together the best audio from all 22 shows, and it turned out fantastic.
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  14. Yes Kate Bush did pick from different shows but her fans went ballistic as it's not "authentic" and shows she's insecure with her performance, on top of not releasing a visual version. I personally think it sounds great.
    Imagine how Madonna's fan base would react if she did this? Didn't she replace her vocals on S&S tour and her fans weren't happen. It's like a darned if you do and damned if you don't.
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  15. I hate this version, the ABBA sounding demo deserved it's spot.
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  16. I actually love the housey Beautiful Scars and it's a nice pairing with Living for Love.
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  17. I think fans were pissed off because of the way it was edited, it's just odd to watch her out of breath and shouting "see ma booty get down like", "muthafuckers" in a seriously horse voice and then the next moment a studio vocal.
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  18. If she does Holy Water live again I want her to mash it up with Candy Shop so I can bask in the extra.
  19. Very belatedly spent an evening watching the DVD and absolutely loved it. Really brought back great memories of the show that I saw in London. Not sure i'll bother with the CD but I did buy the live version of Burning Up from iTunes as it goes off as they say.
  20. It’s always bugged me that my super deluxe edition of “Rebel Heart” never contained “Auto-Tune Baby”, this edition looks perfect (but it appears it might be a fake & unofficial counterfeight).

    Can anyone fill in the background details as to whether this is an actual genuine release - directly through Interscope - edition & if not what is the best, most authentic source of “Auto-Tune Baby” on CD ?
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