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Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robenn, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. I still would have loved if the art was more in line with the shoot she did for Interview, using the deluxe cover we already have of course:

  2. Sort of fits the eclectic album itself though!

    I adored all the photoshoots for magazines etc that era (my 2016 calendar was so good) but I think they're a bit too cold for the album. (the ones @mindtrappa posted at least)
  3. This shoot is incredible. This one in particular gives me PCMusicdonna a bit:

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  4. I think they made the right decision with the deluxe black and white shot. It's the most "album cover" of the collection, although I love many of the images, particularly the Joan of Arc styling. The fist gripping the bleeding heart might have been striking if she didn't wanna go for a portrait.
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  5. I use this as the artwork for Rebel Heart in iTunes, I found it online somewhere. Have no idea if this image is at all related to the album campaign or the album photoshoot sessions; but somehow, it's able to accomplish the Rebel Heart theme better than the official artwork, at least for me.

  6. It is. She posted it on Instagram in early 2015.
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  7. The image of the nail through her hand would be a pretty great industrial/noise album cover.
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  8. I’ve been relistening to the demos tonight and I can confirm it all still bangs.

    I only wish she’d not changed some songs, like the ABBA type harmonies in Addicted for example - they felt changed for change sake, since she said everything was early demos/not to be used when the mass leak happened. I think she tampered with some things too much. But I digress. If they hadn’t leaked we’d know no different, and now we have eighteen versions of everything to choose our favourite from, so everyone won.

    (Also, Revolution absolutely deserved a spot on the final track list.)
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  9. The changes to Addicted were annoying, but the song is not that great in any form, so whatever. It's too noisy and the lyrics are pretty bad.
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  10. I'm sure I've heard an Erotica/Closer by Nine Inch Nails bootleg somewhere in the recesses of YouTube.
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    There’s also a cover album of her by Sonic Youth which isn’t as miserable as it sounds on paper.
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  13. I have this album, I love that Sonic Youth were obsessed with her back then, they used to play her songs through their amps when retuning their guitars between songs.
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  14. It's good, though very Kiss Me Once.
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  15. I'm going to give it another listen too, though I'm not sure I call it a masterpiece.
  16. Freedom >>>
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  17. Both!
  18. Oh c’mon don’t be daft, they’re both terrible!.......but can I just say that Freedom ‘15 is miles better than Freedom ‘94.
  19. I wish she’d got Mert & Marcus to double up this shoot as a video for Devil Pray (should’a bin a single).
  20. Yeah none of the demos aside from "Queen" had any business on the final record.
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