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Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robenn, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Whilst the pics for the Rebel Heart album artwork are beautiful they lack a coherent theme/aesthetic. I understand they are supposed to reflect duality but they don't convey that to me.

    Not that it should matter but I don't think the Interview pics are commercial enough but they are certainly more interesting. There's something very Hitchcock-esque about them, they're unnerving too.
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  2. Can’t we get back to Avicii Heart now and how it’s the best demo.

    I wonder if this will still be the same subject 10 years from now?!?
  3. Just listened to the "Rebet Heart" Avicii demo and it's still very brilliant. Her voice is heaven on it.
  4. Thanks for reminding me on this sunner London day! It’s certainly calls for a blast of Avicii Heart!
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  5. I love her voice on Body Shop and Veni Vidi Vici.
  6. Not this thread being bumped to talk about Avicci fucking Heart.
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  7. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    We will talk about Avicii Heart until the nuclear holocaust takes all of our lives and Madonna rightfully becomes our worldly overlord.
  8. RJF


    Huh. Never been described as a nuclear holocaust before.
  9. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    The real T is about Avicii Heart is that it has a 4 on the floor beat with twinkly synths that make the gay's holes throb when in actuality it's an under-cooked song without a middle 8 and works fantastically as an acoustic bonus track and nothing more.

  10. Still obsessed, and I don't even do demos. (Let me call The Hague about that screenshot though.)
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  11. It’s full on brilliant when she incorporates “If I Had a Hammer” when performed live. I wish she released a studio version.
  12. I use Beautiful Scars the most from Rebel Heart, it's a little slice of Bedtime Stories heaven.
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  13. Lovely song, but saddled with potato production sadly.
  14. Love the version that was released.
  15. The officially released version of "Beautiful Scars" is one of my favorite M tracks in the last decade.
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  16. I think the production on Beautiful Scars is the best thing about it (so lush and atmospheric). That and the melody. The vocals could be better, but I think it's the lyrics that are the weak link. It's a good song, but I think it made sense to release it on the bonus EP rather than the album.
  17. LTG


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  18. Joan of Arc is still my fave from this wonderful record.

    Such a song. Wish dearly that it’d been a single. I have so many video concepts in my mind.
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  19. I have said it about a thousand times, but what really sells Joan of Arc for me is those lilting country sounding guitars post-middle eight.

    Almost makes me want to hear a country album from her. Almost.

    But beside the technical shoddiness, I won't hear a word against Rebel Heart's production. So many gorgeous production touches and moments.
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