Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

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Whilst the pics for the Rebel Heart album artwork are beautiful they lack a coherent theme/aesthetic. I understand they are supposed to reflect duality but they don't convey that to me.

Not that it should matter but I don't think the Interview pics are commercial enough but they are certainly more interesting. There's something very Hitchcock-esque about them, they're unnerving too.
The real T is about Avicii Heart is that it has a 4 on the floor beat with twinkly synths that make the gay's holes throb when in actuality it's an under-cooked song without a middle 8 and works fantastically as an acoustic bonus track and nothing more.

It’s full on brilliant when she incorporates “If I Had a Hammer” when performed live. I wish she released a studio version.
I think the production on Beautiful Scars is the best thing about it (so lush and atmospheric). That and the melody. The vocals could be better, but I think it's the lyrics that are the weak link. It's a good song, but I think it made sense to release it on the bonus EP rather than the album.
Joan of Arc is still my fave from this wonderful record.

Such a song. Wish dearly that it’d been a single. I have so many video concepts in my mind.
I have said it about a thousand times, but what really sells Joan of Arc for me is those lilting country sounding guitars post-middle eight.

Almost makes me want to hear a country album from her. Almost.

But beside the technical shoddiness, I won't hear a word against Rebel Heart's production. So many gorgeous production touches and moments.
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