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Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robenn, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Not one of my personal favourites, but her voice on this is spell binding.
  2. Still waiting for Messiah to be released as a single...

    Oh that chorus !
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  3. Does anyone else think "Joan of Arc" lost some of its emotion on the album version? I even prefer it live - there's something about that processed beat that seems to take away from what is actually a really nice song.

    As for Avicci Heart, I remember hearing it the first time, and yes it sounded dated and undercooked, but I did think, this sounds so warm and her voice sounds wonderful - and on top of that, it sounded like a song the masses would have embraced from Madonna with a little bit of work. I could honestly see how it could have been a lead single. But then, I also kind of preferred the "Living For Love" demo, but I guess it was too much of a rip-off of that Kiesza "Hideaway". In some ways it also reminded me of "Deeper and Deeper" and that era though.
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  4. Even more prominent and gorgeous on the acoustic version that was cut last minute

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  5. No, the demo was cute at first, but the beats gave the song life. When I listen to the demo version now I get bored and skip.
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  6. Joan Of Arc could have been a big single moment for her, one of my favourites on RH.
    And still imagining her in the music video in that chain mail outfit... sigh
  7. Rebel Heart, had so many worthy single moments that's for sure.
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  8. I agree. When the demos leaked it was one of my favourites but I never/rarely listen to the album version. It was definitely a better song without the beat.
  9. I just splurged and got the super deluxe edition of the album for £2.30.

    Is it worth it???

    The last album I bought of hers was Confessions.
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  10. Girl...
  11. matthew.

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    Breakin’ The bank hunty!
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  12. RainOnFire

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    We are not doing this again.
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