Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

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What's not uplifting and dance-worthy about Living For Love? Isn't the point of the song to lift yourself up, find your strength, move on, etc.
Sorry to be negative. i just wanted her to come back with a record that would be uplifting and make people want to dance. It's amazing anyone has sustained it as long as she has, regardless how this one goes.

I think you should just realise that what you want from Madonna is different from what she is doing now.

There is an uplifting side to the record, mixed together with the melancholy. There is a lot of stuff that makes me want to dance.

Making sweeping and untrue generalisations won't justify YOU wanting Madonna to do something inside of the small little box she has inside your head.
Maybe you're the one who has outgrown Madonna, which is fine. Just don't turn it upside down, because it leads to statements that quite simply aren't true.


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'Living for Love' transports me to the darkest, gayest club imaginable and I'm dancing with my arms out and the spotlight is on me, henny.
guys, am also not that amazed by Rebel Heart (after having experienced Vulnicura -so there is also a taste issue)


Rebel Heart is a solid decent pop album. And LFL is at least a decent nice pop M song.
I'm beyond excited we are getting the video today. It's just a shame I'll have to watch it via Snapchat instead of in glorious HD via Youtube.
The chorus in VVV is still killing me.

It's such a "Grab your chest, raise your head to the sky and belt it out to the high heavens BECAUSE YOU'RE FEELING IT!" moment.

Today, Madonna is set to premiere the first music video from her new album, Rebel Heart, on Snapchat, the picture messaging app that was recently valued at $10 billion. The video accompanies "Living for Love," the album's first single, and will be viewable on the app's "Snap Channel."
Here I was thinking that this is a joke...
According to an insider who gave us 100% accurate information about the songs themselves, the leak is unmastered (and also watermarked).
It's all part of her plan to send more people to jail.
I've had a cold for the past few days, so I can't tell if my files are just shit or if my head is congested. Some songs sound like she's singing along to a laptop playing the audio.
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