Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

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Thought it was interesting that the ad for the album at the end didn't mention a release date (Just said "Preorder now!). Maybe she will be dropping it earlier?
Wow that D&G outfit is stunning ! She looks drop dead gorgeous.

The dance routine is interesting - it's very theatrical and I'll be interested to see what she does at the Grammys.

I wasn't expecting such an aggressive video for an 'uplifting' track but I love it.
She looks fantastic, good God! The video would've benefited from just one other set-up but it's pretty great as it is. The cinematography, her camera presence, and the imagery are all incredible.
Not much happens, though. The best part was a tiny "Papa Don't Preach" dance homage, other than that, yet another "glamorous photoshoot vid". She looks beyond beautiful, I'm actually amazed, but the video is nothing special.


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Interesting video. I'll need to watch it again, but she looks fantastic and the choreographed scene was a highlight.
Like someone else said, would have loved a great dance routine at the end but that would probably be too predictable. Simple but effective concept, she looks stunning and, most importantly, the video really suits the song. Love it.
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