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Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robenn, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Really, really cool video. I loved the bulls. They looked very evil and enticing. I wish there was one more scene/the inclusion of that black and white mirrored video she premiered initially, but it was very fun to watch.
  2. Alesha Dixon ha impact.

    She looks hot with the long hair. Love the (Papa Don't Preach / Beautiful Stranger) dances. But learn some new ones too girl?
  3. "Thanks for watching my new video on Snapchat, and I'll see you at the Grammy's"
  4. A what?? It's really seems like missing an era if you miss a day on PJ...

    On the other note, I had some difficulties listening to the 'final' album. I'm just not sure it's really final. It has issues, like the obvious Borrowed beginning being way too louder than the rest of the album, etc.

    The main thing is there's way too marches to my taste, too military sounds overall. At first leak it was only HeartbreakeCity. But now one third of the album is march music, even Messiah chNged from being fragile to in-your-face. Not a word abot Beautiful Scars. That's how you kill the perfect ballad. Although I do like the latest take too.
    Overall. So not gay. Insert smile.

    But still it's very good, I just have to get used to it. And join army.
  5. Loved it! Easily her best music video since "Confessions."
  6. The video is amazing. Everything I wanted.
  7. It's almost like she's fighting off all the negativity that's happened recently within the video. I like it. Wish there was more choreography but I LIVE for the scenes on the spinning platform and she's kinda got the Confessions on a Dance Floor album cover pose going on. She looks fucking fantastic.
  8. Does she look photoshopped or too artificial? I am drooling to watch it
  9. I'm still not feeling it, after watching it several times. It's too simple, no matter how pretty it is. Didn't want to mention Taylor Swift, but "Blank Space" was the video I wanted Madonna to do. Something grand, you know. And since her videos lately seem to go downhill after the first single, next time it's gonna be an animated affair or something (see: "Break the Ice").
  10. Well. That was the most Madonna video she's ever done. If that makes any kind of sense, that's how I feel.
    It's obvious it's put together the way her tour performances usually are, it's kinda autobiographical the way only her music had been so far, and of course, no one else could deliver something so stylish, high energy, and look as amazing in the process, as usual. Like it brought together every aspect of why her music/entertainment game remains unmatched. If on the plus side she saved some budget for future videos as well, then score!
    Couldn't be more pleased.
  11. But before "Blank Space" we got "Shake it Off" so.
  12. She looks really good.
  13. The first thing I wanted to do after reading your post was like it but then I realised this is not Facebook. Bravo anyway!
  14. Is there a link?
  15. She looks better in the behind the scenes bit. The video obviously has some sort of filter on and she looks better without it
  16. No, you have to sing in on Snap Chat, the phone app. It will be uploaded on YouTube eventually...
  17. Since I'm not from US it wouldn't work anyway. Well. Will wait. Happy with your reactions!!!
  18. she looks The Sims-ish but thas expected
  19. Fantastic video. From the absolute lows of Kelly Clarkson's new one to the amazing highs of this. What a day. What a video. Love it!
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