Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

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Someone already posted this on youtube! She will lost some VEVO views..


Love the sound effects!

I believe it'll still count for streaming if the video is approved.

I do think the S&S hair needs to go and she could've done something more modern looking, but I honestly love the video so much that I can overlook it.
The S&S hair is really the only bad thing about it, and not necessarily because its bad, but mostly just because its been so overused, and her hair has been looking good so far this era.

Other then that, and the over use of sound effects, its an amazing video!
I love the S&S hair. She looks beautiful, like in the 4 Minutes video.

Great video... I wish it had more scenarios, but that`s ok... Simple, but beautiful. Love the Francis Bacon inspiration.
I envisioned an outdoors, sunny, hopefully setting for Living For Love, something like this:

And the red is very (by the same team)

Anyway it's a good video hope we get better later on.

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I like the tbt choreography, the fact that she doesn't stumble and fall on the floor when she sings "Lifted me up, and watched me stumble" like Gaga used to do in the Do What U Want live performances when she sang "But then I trip over myself and I fall" and the Nietzsche quote because I am intellectual AF.

Oh and the minotaurs growling throughout because it's very masc musc.
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Her best video since..? God she's had so many dire videos the past 10 years. I'm tempted to say since Hollywood.

Girl Gone Wild was actually rather good, but it was entirelly faceless. Nothing Madonna in it at all.
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