Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

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Just watched it. I really like the set-up and theme. Stylish and slick.

Bit disappointed at the lack of proper dancing and the long hair with the recycled Sticky & Sweet tour outfit.

All in all, very good though!
I'm such a happy fan this week. Great album, great video for a great song, and what hopefully will be a great performance.

Oh, M. I can't believe I even dared to think you had lost it. Ik ben droevig...
Completely underwhelmed by the video. It actually diminishes the song for me. I think she looks good and it's great to see her dance, but the sound effects are overused and the editing is not great. Overall, it's just such a non-statement after so much hype of a return to form where it felt like she actually cared. The Girl Gone Wild video will be remembered more than this, and was a pretty low bar.
It's a fantastic video. As someone said before, I hope this is her 'Shake It Off' and then to grab attention later on for single 2 she does a 'Blank Space' with a massive(er) budget. But for this song and right now, I think she nailed it. The defying-gravity bits are particularly amazing. Excited to see how it will translate to a live show.

I wish she'd do something with that bloody hair though. Princess Leia buns and Sticky & Sweet hair isn't how you say "hello world, I'm back"
I think it is simple but very well done, the concept, photography, editing, everything but the red filter looks great, It also has such an "old madonna" vibe, I really like it.
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