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Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robenn, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Damn it keeps getting better and better with every viewing.
  2. So true about the hair though. This curly Iggy Pop hair HAS TO COME TO AN END.

    Lets all start a petition.
  3. The confessions nods are magical

    (∩ ° ͜ʖ °)⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚
  4. I cant fucking wait for the Grammy's. She will smash it!

    it really does!
  5. Better than Partition or Haunted? I think not.
  6. Let me list some points here.

    -She looks fantastic. This is a given. She looks younger than the aging cougar thing she had going on in 'Girl Gone Wild'.
    -The minotaur men are really interesting to watch. See, this is how you do hot man nipple action without pandering too much.
    -The over the top physics in the video really add to the whole thing.
    -I know people are moaning a bit about the red filter, but I think it really makes everything pop.
    -The dancing was great, but I do agree there could be a bit more of it. Hardly a super negative point, but what can you do?
    -I am torn about the Nietzsche quote at the end. It almost feels like it was put there to quell those stupid Tumblr "BUT BULLFIGHTING IS BARBARIC" comments that would almost surely arise just to be annoying. It is a nice little quote though.
    -Goddamnit, I love Madonna.
  7. YES! I really loved the shorter cut she had for the new Versace adds
  8. I'm so glad she went with an #edgy concept, because the video could have been a family photo album/adopting Malawi travesty.
  9. Someone already posted this on youtube! She will lost some VEVO views..


    Love the sound effects!
  10. Forgot to mention the Michael Jackson impossible lean forward was a cool bit.

    This is hardly anywhere near her best video, but I really enjoy it. Very solid.
  11. At least the video is ways better than the Sorry one.
    I actually liked it. It flows with music.

    For some reason (the stage) reminded me of poor Appause from Gaga video. This one wins surely for me. But still screams low budget if you use curtains. And stage.
    And I know what they mean. Stage, artist, etc.
  12. OH MY GOD it's actually Madonna on snapchat.. I added 'Madonna' and its her using snapchat.. You can tell from the rings she has on.. Amazing!
  13. I like the S&S hair, makes her look younger.

    Madonna - 21st Century queen.
  15. Not sure why but I love that moment at 2:29 when she catches the cape/flag.
  16. I like when she straight up strangles that manbull to death.
  17. I cannot stand that hair. I actually think it makes her look far older. The short cut she had in the Versace shoot took years off of her.
  18. It's genuinely brilliant! I half expect her to follow snapchat protocol with drunk nude pics.
  19. I believe it'll still count for streaming if the video is approved.

    I do think the S&S hair needs to go and she could've done something more modern looking, but I honestly love the video so much that I can overlook it.
  20. Or Ghost. But it is on par with ***Flawless, I guess, which is great.
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