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Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robenn, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Fantastic video. Struggling a bit with the album - I like the songs, but the overall production isn't really working for me, including that of the mastered tracks. I don't think the vocal production is very well done, and actually think they should be lowered in the mixes to let the instrumentals pop a bit more.

    That said, I'm determined to like this album, so I'll keep trying, but I may have to accept that Madonna just isn't for me.
  2. You know, some people would call this hyperbole.

  3. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

  4. [video=youtube;rTiRXaPM0kA][/video]
    They managed to rip this, and yet, the video is nowhere to be found.
  5. I know you were just quoting/joking, but your Dutch threw me off.
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  6. [video=youtube;LnAVRKJoXPA][/video]

    Catch it before it's removed! It's bloody terrific!!!
  7. I know you were just quoting/joking, but your English did the same.

  8. Who the fuck thought that it would be a good idea to premiere it on fucking Snapchat?!

    Roco? Lola? who is to blame for this ME$$?
  9. Shush.
  10. I really enjoyed the process of downloading Snapchat, creating an account, searching Madonna's name, watching the tiny clip where she (or a hand that looks like hers) shows you how to find the music video and then finally getting to watch the actual thing.

    Sometimes it's not that bad to be the ultimate victim of huge marketing ploy.

    The video is great. Nothing she hasn't done before a million times already, but it works.
  11. I both love it and hate it. The set up, scenes and Madonna are glorious but I feel like the fact it only has one setting lets it down. It makes the video feel small and if there had been two or three set ups cut into each other, the video could have been elevated to something outstanding.
  12. Watching the behind the scenes video makes me so happy! She looks so enthusiastic about her work.

    She will smash it in the Grammy's. Wait and see...
  13. The only thing that's TRULY missing is a Running of the Bulls scene, where Madonna flees the nipply minotaurs only to turn around defiantly and leap over the herd of manbeasts.
  14. It really should have been a sunny outdoors video, maybe a bit All the Lovers, or a nighttime street party... something like that. The video feels really gaudy and severe and doesn't reflect the vibrancy of the song very well.
  15. OK, no.
  16. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I have one word for this video.


    I'm grinning by the end of it.
  17. This is actually a brilliant move, especially since Snapchat has such a wide audience and you don't have to add her to see the video.
  18. Great video for the wrong song.
  19. Madonna is the greatest female performer in history. That isn't hyperbole, that is a fact. When she's engaged, she can't be touched. She hasn't been engaged in her own music for a while.

    So the main reason I love this video is that the director chooses to focus on the performer and - importantly - her performance. She's so magnetic, in control, no distractions to wow us, just her looking great whilst dancing. The bulls are mere props. The entire video looks gorgeous. I'm so happy with it all.
  20. I read an article that states Snapchat is the swiftest growing app on the market, and its focus is mainly on the youth demographic. As I've mentioned before, it's literally set up to be confusing for anyone over 25.

    M knows what she's doing, and I (almost) hate her for it.
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