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Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robenn, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. I wondered if it was a reference to a minor Madonna moment that I wasn't recalling.
  2. The video is a 2/5 effort.
  3. That protoshoot was 1988's most intriguing one!
  4. I think it's reminding me of the SEX book?

    She is really bringing it this era, can't wait for the performances.
  5. That was a toe.
  6. You're wrong! ... It's more of a 2.5.
    Seriously, I don't get why everyone loves it so much. Y'all should watch "Take a Bow" once again. Or even "Give Me All Your Luvin'". Classy shots and editing can't conceal a close-to-zero budget.
  7. Toe, finger... still sucking it.
  8. What does budget have to do with anything? Some of the greatest videos of all-time didn't have a big budget. Some dreadful videos had massive budgets and were still feeble.
  9. I just think it looks good. She looks good. The theme is enticing. It's simple, yes, but it works.
  10. And some terrible videos have bigger budgets than some amazing feature length films.
  11. Just watched the video. The queen has slain me. When she throws the red rag up at the end .... EVERYTHING.
  12. Hmmm it's been removed from youtube again.
  13. It was never on her official channel, right? It'll get there soon enough.
  14. This is the type of "performance video" she usually gives for the final single off an album. I can't believe they opened with something so boring. I know she's cheap, but THIS CHEAP?
  15. Why does everyone feel the need to compare what she's doing now to things she did over a decade ago? I will never understand. And while GMAYL is a great video, it had very little to do with the music or even the artist herself. This puts it all front and center in a way it hasn't been for years.
  16. And there's no product placement.
  17. The video works for me because she's given a simple space/set-up and turns it inside out.
  18. People only use snapchat to watch someone wank for them. It's not a Youtube. You have to go through an entire manual to find the video. I don't know what her team was thinking.
  19. It's literally two swipes. Surely your arthritis can handle that.
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