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Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robenn, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Sorry, I phrased that badly, what I meant was... Madonna used to be such an exciting visual artist. The master of those big spectacular videos that were proper events, and inherently cost a lost. This was supposed to be a Comeback with a capital C, not "pretty girl playing matador". Tour backdrop material at best. In this day and age, where having a truly eye-catching video can give you a hit, she went for this... No replay value whatsoever.
  2. RJF


    Snapchat most likely have something like twenty four hour exclusivity before it goes through to the usual channels.

    People need to chill the fuck out over so many aspects to this album.
  3. Howling. Gorl you can be shady.
  4. It sounds like there's a lot of swiping involved in Snapchat. Is this their way to discourage people from using it while doing naughty things at the same time?

    Like you can't pat your head and rub your belly.
  5. They do. People are acting as if this is the only place they'll be able to see the video for an eternity. These high expectations are so interesting considering what she gave us during the last two campaigns.
  6. Nope.
  7. I love the video just for the fact that it tells a story in a methaphoric way in stead of typical on-the-nose kind of way.
    When she slays that last Minotaur at the end I was cheering her on.

    This era might not spawn hits but it's exactly what she should be doing. I don't care about charts anyway, so I'm just happy she is committing to the album as a whole. Tour or no tour. Hit or no hit. This album will be remembered as part of her legacy. Even if it's her last one.
  8. Snapchat doesn't count as streams though right?

    Is the video on Snapchat available for more than 10 secs or have they changed the duration now?

    [I am not a Snapchat user clearly]
  9. Simple and effective. Really nice video, I love her throwing around all the minotaurs.

    I hope I can actually watch it on my computer soon...
  10. Nope. The video premiered as part of Snapchat's new Discover service, which... nevermind I'll paste from the Billboard article again, haha:
  11. Video is amazing, like everything else about this album.
  12. Wasn't the video for "Human Nature" more or less all one set-up? "Fever", too. I love those videos. Not everything needs to be cinematic like "Take a Bow." Madge looks great and moves beautifully in the video. It lifts the song up, up, up in an artful and intelligent way.
  13. I love the imagery in the video and the fact Madonna is fucking owning the shit out of it. She is reminding you why she is, who she is.
  14. It helps that the song is her best single since... 'Give It 2 Me'? 'Get Together'? The video could be her pissing on a copy of Britney Jean, and it would still be rawkin'.
  15. She looks so confident and there's several shots where you can catch her laughing and smiling. I think it's amazing.
  16. RJF


    It's her best single since "Get Together" and probably her best video since "Hollywood". I don't get the problems.
  17. The video is just great. Some people, like me, were just way too hungry for something with the story, more backgrounds, I guess this is all.
    As a 'Vogue'-style video it's perfect, very her.

    Imagine this one being shot in Coliseum? That's the big budget I'm talking about.
  18. I could definitely see Iconic as a single. Beautiful Scars would be nice as a third one in the summer.
  19. We should remember she was in a hurry for the album to finish with all the leaks, so I guess I should not judge.
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