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Madonna - Rebel Heart (13th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robenn, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. I love 'Give It 2 Me' (the song), but I think you're right about everything.

    Wait, but 'Hung Up' had a pretty great video. This is probably on par with that.
  2. RJF


    This is not a new development.
  3. Do we think Unapol B should be the next single? If for some reason it's not I think Iconic could work. The chorus is one of the most melodic bits of the whole album.
  4. Hold Tight for the summer b's
  5. If 'Unapologetic Bitch' is getting single status, it absolutely must happen in the summer. You don't release a jammin' reggae track without sunshine to bolster its effects.
  6. RJF


    "Hold Tight" for the summer single with her jamming with Diplo, MNEK and a troupe of young extras on a New York fire escape please. Basically like "The Edge Of Glory" only not stark, dreadful and depressing.
  7. "Iconic" or "Bitch I'm Madonna" please.

    Ooh, or this.
  8. Oh boy.

    First, what does a budget have to do to an overall quality? If we were to go by this rule of yours, Transformers would be the greatest movie of all time.

    Second, this video clearly had a very generous budget. There's no way this was cheaper than $250K.
  9. I wouldn't make any of the first 6 tracks singles, other than the one we have. Hold Tight, Iconic, Joan of Arc, Body Shop, or Inside Out would all be decent singles. I mean I don't think she's gonna get a huge hit no matter what she release, but those are the most single friendly songs to me. Unapologetic Bitch would follow those.
  10. I hope we at least get a cool backdrop video for 'Devil Pray'.
  11. RJF


    Why is this album so good though? I just don't get it.
  12. Bitch she's Madonna.
  13. If the second one is not Ghosttown, kill me
  14. Ghosttown, Bitch and Unapologetic all sound like singles to me.
  15. 'Veni Vidi Vici' will be a single in future surely? Nas didn't get plonked in it for nothing.
  16. It is so good. I realize when something is new its easy to proclaim its great because the gloss hasn't worn off, but I real do think this is one of her all time best. Certainly the best of the 2000's albums. And I've never been particularly taken with her albums on first listens, anyway. So its not the newness factor for me.

    I guess Ghosttown would be ok. Bitch I'm Madonna can stay album only. She's had a single with Nicki. She doesn't need another one. Oh and there's also the fact that its not a good song.
  17. I really need a video for "Iconic."
  18. Unapologetic Bitch should never even be considered for a single. Editing a song with that title is ridiculous.

    Hold Tight would be a perfect summer single, with a breezy space adventure video.
    Joan of Arc? Ghosttown? Iconic? Maybe, but I doubt it.

    I would also like to see Rebel Heart being a single at some point, just because it's so... well, I think it's important for her discography. A bit early to say that for a track just recently released, but I think that it will stand the test of time.
  19. Recent good videos, in order:
    - American Life
    - Hung Up
    - Sorry
    - 4 Minutes
    - Hollywood
    - Living for Love
    - Give Me All Your Luvin
    - Girl Gone Wild

    Iconic for single #2, Unapologetic Bitch #3, Hold Tight #4 and Ghosttown to close.
  20. Seriously, I'm not stupid to think that quality directly correlates to money, just can't precisely pinpoint what I dislike about it, or phrase it properly because I'm not a native speaker.
    I just think it's too simple and basic. She looks great, but anyone could've made this.
    Also, Nietzsche is misspelled!
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