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Madonna - Rebel Heart Tour 2015 / 2016

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Feb 20, 2015.

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  2. RJF


    Is she coming to Glasgow though?
  3. Unique seating arrangement?
  4. March 8th?! How long does it take to sell a kidney?
  5. Well lets hope the setlist is better thought out this time but great news!
  6. The most important question!
  7. I'd be okay with an all Rebel Heart setlist plus a medley of Who's That Girl / True Blue / Angel.
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  8. Thrilled that she's doing arenas again! By far the best way to witness a Madonna show.
  9. An all Rebel Heart setlist would be horrific. She could well be lynched.
  10. Ray


    It would be awesome.

    "Hey y'all! What song ya wanna hear next?"
    *fans screaming titles*
    "Hahaha, you're so cute motherfuckers! Here it comes: AUTOTUNE BABY!"
  11. Oh I'm sure if it's an all Rebel Heart setlist one fan favourite will be present for all...

    Candy Shop 2014 mix with Human Nature elements.
  12. I hope the European leg is first so that I have time to scrape some coins together for the U.S.
  13. So glad it's arenas!
  14. I hope this doesn't mean that she's gonna drop the album campaign to focus on the tour only.
  15. This is, again, an amazing topic for me to post my perfect amazing setlist:

    (video introduction consisting of all Avicii breakdowns that got cut in the album making process *giggle*)
    01. Rebel Heart
    02. American Life
    03. Unapologetic Bitch
    04. Into The Groove
    05. Bitch I'm Madonna
    06. Iconic

    07. What It Feels Like For A Girl
    08. Body Shop (or Ghosttown)
    09. Get Together / Hold Tight
    10. Borderline (slower sexy version)
    11. HeartBreakCity (or Inside Out) / Frozen (outro)

    12. S.E.X.
    13. Holy Water
    14. Papa Don't Preach (Yeezus Remix)
    15. Skin
    16. Bedtime Story (or Gang Bang)
    17. Devil Pray

    (one of her inevitable #savetheworld videos, perhaps to Drowned World?)
    18. Nothing Fails *
    19. Don't Tell Me / I Deserve It *
    20. X-Static Process / Intervention * * = (these are performed almost entirely acoustic)
    21. Joan of Arc (here it becomes dancier)
    22. Graffiti Heart / Freedom (the speech) (full-on dance)
    23. Borrowed Time (melancholic outro of the act)

    24. Wash All Over Me (starts as the album version, but turns into a full-on dance bomb and thus blends perfectly into...)
    25. Ray Of Light
    26. Messiah / Like A Prayer / Messiah (Reprise) (echoes of "till you wake up..." when the dance beat kicks in)
    27. Living For Love (some kind of extended edition with Lord Lord lift me)
  16. This is exciting stuff! Not looking forward to the stress of getting tickets though...!
  17. I don't follow madonna that closely but love the classics and am really enjoying Rebel Heart so far.
    Is she the type of artist that resents doing the classics on tour? She must get a lot of people going purely on her name alone.
  18. It didn't take long.
  19. That set list is all over the place?
  20. I don't know if I'll see her this go around. Rebel Heart has been so hit or miss with me that shelling out $400 for 2 tickets to a show that visually will probably be amazing as usual but with songs that I don't connect with? We shall see.
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