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Madonna - Rebel Heart Tour 2015 / 2016

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. Madonna just shouldn't perform in places like Singapore. If everything that she stands for is considered indecent or immoral by their government then she certainly should not be pandering to them to make a quick buck!! It's like when Kylie plays the United Emirates in a jumpsuit - it's just offencive!
  2. *posts video of Madonna high-fiving me for the 78th time*

    Aww @torontodj you should have slipped a finger in?
  3. I don't subscribe to that. Just because a government has a way of thinking doesn't mean it represents the people. If no pro gay artists played Russia and I was a Russian gay citizen I'd be upset. Music should transcend politics and challenge them at the same time.
  4. Remember when Selena was denied entry in Russia because she's turn young russians into baby gays?
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  5. я не знаю ее
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  6. That Japan interview is pretty good. She is so radiant. I love her.
  7. Yeah I have flashes of "THEY SHOULDN'T EVEN GO TO X COUNTRY" but then actually, her going to Russia (for example on the MDNA tour) and speaking frankly is infinitely more important and valuable.
  8. She doesn't ask the presenter if she can give her a foot massage. She asks the presenter what her dream is too and she agrees it's to sleep while getting her feet massaged too.
  9. Nooo, I messed up again. She asks "how about you" and I heard "I want you".
  10. But when Madonna played Russsia she didn't change her show. She handed out LGBT bracelets gave massive fuck you Putin speech.
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  11. Which makes me think she will still perform Holy Water. Saying she won't perform it will just hush everyone up for the time being. I really do hope she still sings it, it'd be sad for Madonna to now give into these nut jubs.
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  12. Keep in mind the Singapore restrictions have nothing to do with gay propaganda, only religious sensitivities. Maybe she can get away with replacing the words "holy water" with "my vagina".
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  13. Singapore is very conservative in a lot of respects. Even though there is an active gay scene, male homosexual sex is stil technically illegal (although the law isn't enforced).
  14. I'm 99% positive an article came out in the New York Post before the tour launched saying these same exact things, so I'd take it with a grain.
  15. Intriguing. I'm meeting said friend with the info in an hour so I'll get it from him and see.
  16. It's in her contract that she isn't doing the song. This isn't Russia. This is business. She won't be doing it.
  17. She mentioned doing a top secret show in Australia at the first Macau show.
    The periscope it was on expired but I could have sworn I heard her saying "tears of a clown".
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  18. So, the Tokyo Soundboard leaked for the entire show...I've just listened to the entire thing through, and every song not only has a count into every verse and chorus; but a random guy prompting her.

    This isn't something i've known to happen before. Even performing in big concerts i've never known an artist being prompted throughout the entire show...Even in the big dance breaks there is someone counting her steps and beats.
  19. That's so her. Like her perfectionism is incredible.
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  20. It may well be a leak ascertained from another source. If the channel it's been zoomed in on is someone who operates the lights he may well be calling lighting / staging cues and not Madonna.
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