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Madonna - "Revolver" (2nd single from GH)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ADolla, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. Okay so it has been confirmed now that "Revolver" will follow "Celebration" in being released from the upcoming GH, which is fantastic news. Apparently it has only been greenlighted on the basis of the buzz surrounding "Celebration", which may or may not be sensible.

    I know a lot has already been discussed about this song in existing threads, but now that we are 99% certain this will be released, I think it deserves it's own thread. I feel slightly ashamed that the RaVaughn version (I can't call it a demo cos it sounds fully produced to me!) is my 6th most listened to song of 2009 according to iTunes... I hope I'm not sick of it by the time Madonna's version leaks. It just sounds so perfect for her voice.

  2. All this news is coming at a pretty rapid rate - amazing.

    This is (of course) good news - I wonder if it's going to get a video as well? Incidentally I'm wondering if either of the songs are going to be performed anywhere. I read recently something about Simon Cowell managing to persuade her to do X-Factor but that could easily be something of nothing.
  3. Celebration (single) is still coming out august 3rd right?
  4. Please tell me Lil Wayne wont be on the final Madonna version?
  5. It's being released to radio on August 3rd, early September on physical release. Apparently late August for download.

    No word on Lil Wayne for the final version, but he was intended to be on Revolver a few months ago when it was gonna be the first released single from the GH (that changed when the RaVaughn demo leaked).
  6. Lil Wayne is on the Madonna version, only for 30 seconds though.
  7. There will be a video for this single.
  8. Revolver is a dreadful, dreadful song and my excitement for the Greatest Hits collection has taken yet another blow.
  9. Has her version leaked?
  10. No.
  11. No it hasn't. People are quick to judge...
  12. I said that the song is dreadful. Not the single. The song that we have heard as Revolver is dreadful. All that will change is the vocals, which I doubt will make a huge difference in my opinion as Madge's pipes aren't anything on what they used to be.
  13. You might be surprised there...
  14. revolver is gonna be #1 for sure!!
  15. Not anymore! I doubt my opinion will change but as ever i'll approach it with an open mind.
  16. I really like this song from what I've heard. It's very much like "Candy Shop"....slightly dodgy sex metaphors galore but very catchy. On the one hand it's embarassing but on the other it's great.

    I hope Madonna's version contains the "Smooth Criminal" line.
  17. See, I disagree. I think "Revolver" is actually brilliant--not dodgy at all, whereas "Candy Shop" is cringeworthy from the go.

    If Hard Candy had been led by "Revolver," I might have not abhorred it quite so much.
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