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Madonna`s cheap Get Together video

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spiceupyourlife, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. I think single choice is good, but the video is shit. It screams cheap! Though it probably cost a fair bit........
  2. Really? It says to me "I'm on tour and have been since May but at least I did something more than stick out a boring live performance video which isn't a proper music video".

    I like it - it may not be the best video she has done to date but it suits the song and at least some degree of thought went into it. Although I will expect 'Jump' will probably have live performance video which is a shame.
  3. I would have rather had a tour montage.. than this heap of rubbish. And i still think jump should have been the next single. The adverts for the album play the three singles we have had so far and then jump at the end.. so im still hoping we might get that as a single.
  4. It's bizarre someone criticised it for ruining the "videos joined together" concept, as if she ever actually said that all the videos would be this way. "Hung Up" and "Sorry" was clearly a two-video concept.

    And I doubt it's cheap - if you look, all the footage is taken from the Coco Club performance. How on Earth they managed to extract her and put a new background in (without it having been shot against a green screen) is anyones guess, but it can't have been cheap.

  5. And I never really understand why having a 'cheap' video is such a bad thing.

    Most 1980s videos were 'cheap' by today's standards, yet show more flair and originality than many of today's counterparts.
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