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Madonna studio album ranking

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by visionary, Mar 22, 2012.

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    Well of course! Bedtime Stories has some nice jams but it's quite a dud album really (aside from the singles).
  3. There isn\'t much between Hard Candy and Bedtime Stories. \'Spanish Lesson\' is a few minutes from your life that you can never get back. But \'Bedtime Stories\' only really has the title track and \'Sanctuary\' that are of merit. The rest is all a bit \'meh\', ending with the bloated echo-fest that is \'Take A Bow\'. The song is too long with shocking vocal production - it\'s as though they stood her in a different studio. It sounds so bad it actually offends me. (Although I\'m probably alone on that one).
  4. Some parts of my list always change, so here\'s a current one

    Ray of Light (no doubt for me, always #1)
    American Life (has climbed up my list a lot)
    Bedtime Stories
    Confessions on a Dance Floor (great but a bit overrated)
    True Blue
    Like A Prayer
    Like A Virgin
    Hard Candy
  5. 1 - Ray Of Light
    2 - Confessions On A Dancefloor
    3 - Madonna
    4 - Music
    5 - Hard Candy
    6 - True Blue
    7 - Erotica
    8 - Like A Virgin
    9 - MDNA
    10 - Bedtime Stories
    11 - Like A Prayer
    12 - American Life
  6. Strangely, I bought my first Madonna studio albums earlier this week. I'm limiting myself to 80s Madonna as never was keen on her post-Immaculate Collection output save for a few singles.

    I've only listened once to each but am liking.
  7. 1) Confessions on a dance floor - flawless from start to finish - somehow i feel this album's brillance have nothing to do with Madge herself though

    2)Ray of light - Game changer, cant say anything about it that hasnt been said before. its not perfect but you can tell she really put her heart into this record

    3)Erotica - i guess you either love it, or get bored by it. I think its a bald statement- No other popstar would ever dare to release a record as raw sounding as this

    4)Madonna - you dont have to skip a track with this, it all sounds perfect for that time. Classic 80's album

    5)Bedtime stories - Solid effort, it has a few so-so album tracks but when its good its really good for instance Human nature, Secret, and the title track

    6)True Blue - Ticks all boxes, it sounds like a singles album

    7)Like a prayer

    8)MDNA - the singles so far have been terribly chosen, but being honest theres no obvious singles choices from this album for the first time in her career

    9)American life

    10)Like a virgin

    11)Music - only for the singles and impressive instant its not at the bottom of my list, it feels like a rushed album

    12)Hard candy - i like this record, its a great album to work out to but it does not sound like a MADONNA album if you know what i mean, its a faceless attempt.
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  8. Like A Prayer
    Ray of Light
    American Life
    Madame x
    True Blue
    Confessions on a Dancefloor
    Bedtime Stories
    Like A Virgin
    Hard Candy
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