Madonna - The Celebration Tour 2023

In her latest insta post the following pic appears, with a piece of paper containing some information on the set list:

- There will be a “Like a Virgin/Billie Jean” mash-up (Virgin Tour anyone?!) which might feature backdrop footage of the trademark Michael Jackson hat throw.
- after that there is a performance of “Bitch I’m Madonna” which will most likely feature silhouettes of dancers in the backdrops.

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I wish people would stop putting a likely child abuser on a pedestal but glad to know Bitch, I'm Madonna is confirmed. Rebel Heart tour didn't quite do it justice.
I really hope she doesn't add these 2 new songs to anywhere near the setlist.
I really wouldn't mind them that much as an interlude or an interpolation and I say that as someone who hates Vulgar. This tour celebrates all aspects of her career and these kind of throwawayish collabs is what she's into currently.
Anyone know of any leads for GA floor B tickets for Stockholm? Trying to convince my friend to come with me but they don’t want to pay much more than face value.