Madonna - The Celebration Tour 2023

Reader! Is that you who's going to help me access the Lisbon pre-sale?


Pits are mostly in £730 VIP packages, but some at £430

Floor seats are mostly £430 but some at £276
Tier one is £430, £276 and £223
Tier four goes from £223, £142, £93 and £48

It will be fantastic but I don’t think I can justify those prices (however unsurprising they are). I never bother with Tier 4 at the o2.

Sad face.
What do people think about Antwerp v Amsterdam in terms of the arena? I’ve read it can take ages to get out after shows at Antwerp, has anyone experienced this?
The way I was expecting these prices but can’t justify paying it aswell as accom and travel to London. I can’t even afford to put my heating on. Today confirmed that I will never have a chance to see her live.

I am gutted but hope all of you that get tickets have an amazing time