Madonna - The Celebration Tour 2023

Apparently I’m only a classic ICON member, so no pre-sale option. Well if the lower end tix sell out by Friday I will be having a Madonna-free October. Rational thinking has to prevail this year.
Welp didn‘t get any tickets for Berlin.

Over 3‘000 people and I wanted golden circle or pits. Maybe with live nation sale later.
What will be the easiest city to get Golden Circle? I know they’re extortionate but I want a guaranteed close spot to Queen just once.
I’m a flop fan, think I’m gonna skip this because I’m more excited about Seal’s tour announcement.
Just hope after securing a London ticket by the time she gets to London with all those usa dates first she doesn’t fall ill / don’t get the full show or cancelled like last time
For any show with any artist make sure all your transport and hotels are refundable girlies