Madonna - The Celebration Tour 2023

According to the Live Nation IT page, there are 3 kinds of tickets available. Or maybe 3 + 3*MTY3Mzk2NjUwNC4xLjEuMTY3Mzk2NjUxNi4wLjAuMA..

Live Nation UK 1 + 1*MTY3Mzk2Njc5MS4xLjAuMTY3Mzk2Njc5MS4wLjAuMA..

Live Nation FR 1 + 1*MTY3Mzk2Njk5Ni4xLjEuMTY3Mzk2NzAwNC4wLjAuMA..

Live Nation DE 1 + 1*MTY3Mzk2NzA2My4xLjEuMTY3Mzk2NzA4Mi4wLjAuMA..

Live Nation Spain give us A LOT of details !*MTY3Mzk2NzA2OS4xLjEuMTY3Mzk2NzExNS4wLjAuMA..
  • En Preventa ( I think this is the "standard" ticket)
  • The Immaculate VIP Package*
  • Iconic VIP Package*
  • You Can Dance Premium Package*
  • Where’s The Party Premium Package*
  • Gold Circle Early Entry Package*
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So exciting. I'm always torn between trying to get tickets in the pre-sale and just getting them used closer to the show. The latter has served me better in the past, but I feel iffy not having my ticket secured.
I did Amsterdam for RH, was great. I’m shocked she’s doing a Friday show on the Sabbath after years of not doing…

Also Amsterdam seems to be floor standing but with a golden circle which seems to be €250.

There are specific prices for the PIT Area's next to the stage in-between the three catwalks on either side. Those are the most expensive at 280 euro's. Floor A is also 280, probably the area between the main stage and the catwalks and floor area B is 196 euro's. Then seated varies between premium seating at 336 and cheapest seats at 44 euro's
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Live Nation Norways has prices for Copenhagen!!!!!!!!

Billetpriser: Front Circle 1.500,- / Ståplads 1.200,- / PL1 2.000,- / PL2 1.500,- / PL3 1.200,- / PL4 800,- / PL5 600,- / PL6 300 kr. + gebyr.
VIP pakker: 5 pakketyper; Immaculate, Iconic, You Can Dance, Where’s the Party, Gold Circle Early Entry

VIP-pakke priser fra: 2.312,- / 6.532 kr. inkl. gebyr.

Ticket prices:
Front Circle 1.500,- /
Standing room 1.200,- /
PL1 2.000,- /
PL2 1.500,- /
PL3 1.200,- /
PL4 800,- /
PL5 600,- /
PL6 300 kr. + fee.

VIP packages: 5 package types; Immaculate, Iconic, You Can Dance, Where's the Party, Gold Circle Early Entry VIP package prices from: DKK 2,312 / DKK 6,532 incl. fee.

EDIT: I don't know if it's true, but 6532 dkk are 878 euros. The highest price less than 1000€ ? Really ? Wow !
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Okay, but like, who has a presale code? Please.