Madonna - The Celebration Tour 2023

176k people before me in the O2 queue?


Amsterdam seems like the best option.
Snagged a night 2 Amsterdam golden circle, so I'm no longer in need of my Paris GA ticket.

Do Ticketmaster France offer a cooling off period like Ticketmaster UK? I need that money back ASAP.
Refused to go through the ballache of London tickets and got tickets in Amsterdam instead - really easy - general standing £172 each. Boom!
So after going from Amsterdam, to Paris to finally settling on Lisbon....I've ended up in Stockholm. How were those prices so reasonable? Sweden is such an expensive country.

My friend bagged GA Floor B tickets for £127 each? What a steal.

Hoping to get another night somewhere with my sister down the line.

I got decent Antwerp tickets for £100 less than the equivalent London dates. What an absolute scam those London prices are. I'm going to make a holiday out of it instead. Exciting! Especially as I had tickets for Madame X and my date got cancelled. So it'll be my first time seeing her.