Madonna - The Celebration Tour 2023

I don't know... I've been to the venue and it's a lot bigger while Ziggo Dome was built for concerts and has great sound, great lay-out, good places everywhere. The whole standing section has great views, all the concerts I've been through.

And I guess it's just your preference of Netherlands vs Belgium. Both are nice to explore!
Amazing! Thanks for this, I'm now happy and content with my venue / city choice, bring on December.
We are just parts of a bigger system and working to change it, they are fighting against change for just profits! Don't fall for it.
Ziggo Dome was built for concerts and has great sound, great lay-out, good places everywhere.

Ancap commentary and Ziggo Dome advice? Maybe I stan you now, bye madge

If you have any Ziggo tips for an ignorant tourist please advise
Oof, I managed to snatch tickets for Antwerp but it took at least five years of my life - not to mention a big chunk of money out of my bank account, dddd, but it’s all for a good cause (the good cause being: getting my life to Madonna’s greatest hits live).

The news coverage over here about Madonna has been nothing but spiteful, misogynistic and ageist, though, it’s very demoralising.


I second this.
I’ve got this sinking feeling she won’t include Open Your Heart as a regular on the set list. It was a hit for her and a great song but not one that immediately jumps out.
The carbon footprint of this tour...

im taking the eurostar

Were there any Pit Tickets available in the regular sale or are they only available with a VIP package?

The demand is great. I honestly expected less interest due to the ticket prices… good for her!
I saw a few Madame X shows but this will be the first time I see a big Madonna production in person since The Confessions Tour. So excited!

Since the reception has been so great, surely she will do other parts of the world in 2024...?
Got a better seat for Wednesday at O2 in my Basket now...Should I risk to buy this and then sell my opening date ticket??? Would anyone buy it?? I wanna take the risk but I'm SCARED.
I don’t know what you did in the end girl but I bought 2 dates and AXS just cancelled and refunded the date I no longer wanted. Worth sending an email.
The hot takes in this thread.
Of course Open Your Heart will be included, at every date. I expect 80% of The Immaculate Collection to be included.
Here’s hoping. I voted it my number 1 for RJF’s last rate, I just never hear it held in the same regard as some of her other 80s smashes.