Madonna - The Celebration Tour 2023

Let me just say this: if there's any whiff of Celebration to be found on the setlist, it'd better be Benny Benassi. Give me that crunchy, weirdly nostalgic synthathon!

In my opinion, Stuart Price is the only person worthy of producing and directing this tour alongside Madonna herself. His work as musical director on Re-Invention and Confessions completely stands out from all the others, as far as the post 2000's tours go. They all have their moments but some good examples of us suffering without Stuart's influence is the final act of Sticky & Sweet, and dare I say the entirety of the MDNA tour. That mix of Hung Up still haunts me.

The way that Stuart arranged her older tracks to fit the theme of the tour and its respective section was on a level of genius unparalleled for most artists tours I've seen period. Even the interludes were highlights. With all this being said, I do also feel that the very streamlined and cohesive vibe of Re-Invention & Confessions wouldn't really fit the 40th anniversary retrospective event we're in for. If she's really hitting every era, then I think utilizing medleys, and switching songs in and out is really the only way to go.

I'd love for Don't Tell Me to be brought back and have a full moment closing the second to last section. Crazy For You, Hollywood, Take a Bow, and Sorry would be my more obscure picks. Obviously she can't hit them all, but I would love to see her giving a nod to certain songs by use of samples, interpolations, mashups, etc. A documentary following the production and rehearsal process would be so fascinating.