Madonna - The Celebration Tour 2023


This just means we're inching closer to Oscar-winning cinema verité masterwork Madonna Biopic Bootcamp

Has anybody considered the fact that she might really be fucking with everyone and this is really her anti-tour? Just imagine. Thousands of people in an arena waiting for Vogue, Holiday and Like A Virgin, totally baffled by Cyber-raga, Act of Contrition and Auto-Tune Baby.

But, incase I’m wrong…this would be a brilliant setlist:

Express Yourself
Open Your Heart
Crazy For You
Human Nature
Papa Don’t Preach
Live To Tell
Like A Prayer
Deeper and Deeper
Give it 2 Me
Into The Groove
You’ll See
The Power of Goodbye
Oh Father
Like a Virgin
Ray of Light
Hung Up
Me being too bored before work this morning.

Video intro: Drowned World/Substitute for Love, ends with whispered lyrics from Bitch I’m Madonna
1. Vogue

Old School New York City Section
2. Into the Groove
3. Borderline
4. Everybody/Lucky Star (medley)
5. Papa Don’t Preach
6. Live to Tell

Latin Section
Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (Miami Mix) [video interlude]
7. Medellín (shortened and transitions into full version of La Isla Bonita)
8. Who’s That Girl?

Cabaret/Lounge Section
9. Open Your Heart
10. Secret
11. Erotica
12. Like a Virgin
13. Crazy for You

Futuristic/Hip Hop Section
14. Material Girl (transitions into Saucy Santana remix)
15. 4 Minutes (contains elements of Back That Up to the Beat)
16. Frozen (contains elements of the Sickick remix)

Disco / Rave Section
17. Express Yourself
18. Deeper and Deeper
19. Music
20. Hung Up
21. Ray of Light (fake show ending)

22. Like a Prayer
23. Celebration/Holiday (medley)
I think reverse chronological (roughly by era) could work well. I Don’t Search I Find (Honey Dijon Mix) with Finally Enough Love echoing around the arena as the intro. Ending on all the big 80s hits, with Everybody as the fake closer and Holiday as the encore (or the other way round).

Also in an ideal world for me the tour would have no ballads, because in 2024 she’d release Something 2 Remember and do a theatre tour of her slow songs.