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Madonna - The Celebration Tour (2023)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LTG, Jan 17, 2023.

  1. I'm mostly grateful for the movie idea in the first place because it made her go back and revisit the iconic catalog.
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  2. If the movie inspired this tour then it was worth it.
  3. That’s an interesting thought. Perhaps it did. She was definitely forced to look back. She would have had to look back at her music for the deluxe editions too, hopefully going into the vaults and choosing some unreleased material…
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  4. While Julia was the final pick but Odessa Young looks like Madonna, I never saw it till I read that article.
  5. Luc


    I wonder if they will film the New York dates.. 40 years after her debut and all the symbolic of the city for her would be really cool.
  6. I wonder if she will do direct tributes/references to people from her past like Basquiat and Keith Haring, even telling stories about them she has never told before.

    Having said that, I'm here for a Liz Rosenberg tribute/section.

  7. When M pops up dressed as Liz again

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  8. I've said this before but I hope it's Medellin.
  9. She's certainly going back to familiar wells here, but that footage is gorgeous. I especially love her second look with the floral headdress and those birdcage earings.

    Now that you mention it, a Liz Rosenberg documentary would be a hoot.
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  10. Mariah has the words to All I Want For Christmas on monitors, Björk barely isings
    I would love that but I think it’s not known enough to be the final note of all of this.
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  11. This isn’t going to be a 3 hour show.

    Everybody? The song that started it all?
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  12. That actually gave me chills. And for anyoen saying ‘wtf has she done to her face, she doesnt even look like madonna’ she looks EXACTLY like madonna
  13. This is amazing!!! It’s like she’a already filmed the tour interludes!!

    Imagine her opening with that first section then storming into Like A Prayer!! That would be one heck of an opener!!

    I think everybody expects a Madonna tour to have themes and four acts - just give us hit after hit after hit lady!!!!
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  14. Like a prayer needs to be the final song.
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  15. I think it will be Holiday. She's used it multiple times as either a closer or an encore and I think it means a lot to her as both her first mainstream hit and one of her most universal, uplifting songs.
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  16. Live to Tell to open (unexpected but poignant) and Celebration/Bitch I’m Madonna to close (leave the audience with something modern after a very nostalgic show)
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  17. All of these imaginary tracklist are missing the staple song, Candy Shop. You know she’s going to try and convince the GP that it was a hit.
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  18. I just want her healthy and in a good mood, really. (And "in a good mood" doesn't mean she can't still call me a motherfucker, to be clear.)
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  19. Hung Up to end the show, Like a Prayer and Holiday as the encore. Absolute pop perfection to close the show.
  20. I'm so happy! I just got early entry tickets in the Golden Circle in Koln! Does anyone know how the early entry works?
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