Madonna - The Celebration Tour

Even if it’s someone’s imagination running wild, I’m sure we are getting 75% of those songs anyway. Also, I really hope she’s sticking to her usual formula of mostly performing songs in full. Omitting a verse here and there is fine, but I detest medleys
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She probably rehearses double the actual songs she’ll perform dd. But 3 major points are missing!

1. Candy Shop, 2. One super random ballad and 3. Some type of Mashup with Impressive Instant that will be cut

Edit: just realized BAD GIRL is actually there so down to 2!

I kid. But I can see some (if not MOST) of these happening, even the most left field choices. With extra 1 or 2 MAJOR hits, it’s pretty much a whole meal.
We'll probably cycle through a couple of these until premiere night from now on, but I found this on twitter:

"According to the insiders present on the tour staff, these are the songs rehearsed for the shows" (not in running order)

Rescue Me
Like a Prayer
Physical Attraction
Papa Don't Preach
Bad Girl
Human Nature
Crazy for You
Lucky Star
Girl Gone Wild
Hung Up
Ray of Light
4 Minutes
Nothing Really Matters
Burning Up
Into the Groove
Give It 2 Me
Like a Virgin
Bitch I'm Madonna
I hope at least a lot of these are true. The “Secret” Junior’s Luscious remix could be fun. I’m all about “Erotica” though.
These are my Greatest Hits (except Girl Gone Wild). I'm glad the setlist isn't too full of 80s tracks and the ones she did choose are the ones I like, hihi. It's basically a perfect setlist. Can't wait to see what Stuart did with them.