Madonna - The Celebration Tour

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I really hope there will be some great medleys + mashups all around. Stuff like "Erotic Candy Shop" from MDNA Tour is just exciting because you get thrown a curveball you just... never expected. I'm not even sure if calling it a medley is fair because it's a full reconstruction of songs, using different elements and then building a new performance; the execution is just flawless.

The total opposite of the "80s medley" from Rebel Heart which I never really... "got". They just stripped all 3 songs with a very generic beat underneath and glued them together for the Latin segment. There's nothing enhancing them. If at least it was a generic 80s beat ddddd.
Madonna and Janet build shows differently at this point. A Janet show at this point is about her star power, her charisma and vibes and momentum so medleys work in the context of throwing banger after banger at you until you're breathless. Madonna always builds little vignettes around every song which all add up to the flow of each segment and overall show so I don't think mashing up a whole bunch of songs together would work, it would just take away from their power.
I don’t want anything post Rebel Heart.
I can deal with this to some degree, but I’m praying that Frozen is left alone. If it ain’t broke etc

Bitch I'm Madonna and the Sickick version of Frozen are the only things to her name that have properly resonated with the wider public since 2010 - I feel we may get both but Bitch in particular seems a no brainier.
She easily could do full 1998 Frozen and incorporate elements of the Sidekick version. If she’s just doing the Sidekick version, that surely wont be anything more than a video interlude.

I wouldn’t be trying to appeal to the wider public, they wont be there.

Edit: I was today years old when I realised their name is Sickick, and not Sidekick.
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Are we still buying the 'she's releasing new music to coincide with the tour' thing? Would be iconic if she did a Gaga at Monster Ball and debuted her new song from her 15th album as the encore...
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