Madonna - The Celebration Tour

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Stuart mentioning the original multitracks reminded me of an interview featured in the programme of the latest Pet Shop Boys tour (which Stuart also directed), something to the effect that if you can't get the original sounds you're treading very dangerous cover band territory, which I never thought about before. Obviously for PSB it's a bit different, as they insist on playing all the tracks 'live' through computers, rather than using recordings. But knowing that he got access to the tracks makes me so excited for this show musically. It's going to sound incredible.
I think Stuart had access to the multi-tracks and sessions while working on the Confessions Tour as well. Unsurprising, since he had just remastered her catalog a couple years earlier for that box set. So that makes me excited about what could potentially pop up during the show in terms of unreleased tracks and whatnot.
Oh please. It wasn't a great performance, but it wasn't that either.
I said she couldn't. And public decided it was terrible. People actually acted like it was Britney 2007. Obviously because they enjoy throwing her under the bus. We know they'll never succeed but it definitely did something to her public imagine.

BUT we discussed this extensively and I am sure she is here to show the world what she is made of - again.
I couldn't help myself and ran on YouTube for the video of Madonna and Maluma at Madame X Tour.

You're all exaggerating, it wasn't disastrous it was just cringe and a bit uncomfortable.

It wasn't great because she was still in recovery but her love for Maluma is so strong any common sense was probably overridden.
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