Madonna - The Celebration Tour

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Great show. Wasn’t planning on going, but got a resale great seat for £100 yesterday. Very memorable. I wore my original Blonde Ambition shirt now I fit into it. Lots of great moments.

It did feel a little TOTPy at times due to the lack of band - but a minor issue since the arrangements were excellent.
Can I just ask where did you get the resale ticket?!?!
She did it, Joe.

I'll admit, after that questionable Maluma guest performance I was concerned that this show, for all of it's efforts, wouldn't hold up against her previous tours but any small doubt was completely blown away after that entrance; she meant business.

Setlist was a good mix of huge blockbusters and lesser known hits, I really enjoyed Bad Girl, Hung Up, Mother and Father and probably my favourite ever tour performance of Vogue. The middle section of Erotica/Justify lost the audience a little bit but she quickly regained their attention with Hung Up. Bob was a fantastic addition, I just wish he'd been included more throughout the show and narrated her career as he did at the beginning, I agree that the timeline theme got lost as the show went on.

Also, this was the most unscripted Madonna I've witnessed at a show - she genuinely seemed to be improvising her speech and it didn't seem rehearsed at all. I'm sure she has her talking points to follow each night but she seemed free?

Obviously gutted not to experience any sort of finale, Rain is a fine song but the whole audience groaned when she disappeared suddenly with "good night London!", it was left on a melancholy note and not the usual jubilant ecstasy you should leave a Madonna show with.

It really can't be repeated enough, the amount of energy mom has needs to be studied, two hours of full-on entertaining and she showed no signs of flagging even towards the end. She's called The Queen of Pop for a reason.
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Saturday was so special. Bumping into people in know in the arena before showtime, making new friends, laughing, catching up, anticipating and discussing our enthusiasm for her music. The shock of hearing Bad Girl and Bedtime Story, the horror of tapping my AMEX card at the merch booths, freaking out with fellow friends after and going into the bar at the O2 where they played her music.

I've wished so much all my life to experience something like this, especially as a fan in their mid 20s from the middle of nowhere in Eastern Europe, reading fan forums and looking at all the fun everyone else is having. I always felt like all those joys as a Madonna fan have already happened and I'm just gonna be nostalgic for times I've never experienced, but I can now say I'm part of this. I am so thankful and it was the biggest salute to little me. I can't wait to see her again and live out my passion to the fullest - it's the most validating thing.

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did love it but why oh why on every tour is it always Madonna with tech issues? Knowone else seems to have as many tech issues on tours that she constantly has with late issues come every tour, that’s my only gripe! Happen to me in Manchester 8 years ago on one of her tours. Know wonder people don’t always believe it as it happens most of her recent tours.
That ending of 'Holiday' where the dancer suddenly falls victim to AIDS and the party is over, then the devastation and anger of 'Like A Prayer' with everyone reaching out from within the rotating box but being unable to escape... This tour feels like a love letter to her queer audience in so many ways, and I appreciate that she didn't shy away from the tragedies shared along the way.

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