Madonna - The Celebration Tour

I do hope she has some fun with the arrangements. The Club 69 remix of “Nothing Really Matters” was on shuffle for me today and if she somehow incorporates the iconic remixes and originals, what a party it’ll be.
Well, after acquiring a Citi Bank presale code, and finding a Citi Bank cardholder on my office floor…

I got tickets to LA. About $440 after fees for a ticket in the lower 100s.

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Is the code for the Live Nation presale tomorrow still
I have a training then so I guess I'll be in the bathroom trying to get tix nn.
Do we think Miami prices will be on the higher scale of pricing compared to the rest of the US?
Narrowed the places I want to visit on this trip to San Fran, LA, Vegas, Miami, Orlando & NYC & was wondering if that would be the cheapest of them all to try get tix?
I was just thinking in the press release it said she was excited to explore as many songs as possible. Does that possibly mean that the set list could change from night to night?
Wasn't Reinvention technically a greatest hits show since American Life was a bomb? They went out of their way to include and promote that there would be songs from every album that proceeded it.

Kind of but also kind of not. I mean it was definitely marketed that way, even the tour name being the much touted reference to her career longevity. But the setlist still had 6 songs from American Life, including non-singles. MDNA Tour had 8 songs from that album, Rebel Heart had 9. So Reinvention had only slightly less American Life songs than a regular album tour.