Madonna - The Celebration Tour

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I think I'll end up going for Amsterdam tomorrow with Paris potentially as a back up but we'll see how the cards (and my battered, prolapsed wallet) lay out.

Me trying to get up off the floor at Accor Arena at 12:30AM when the lights finally go down for the show to start, four hours after Bob The Drag Queen left the stage:


Me trying to get up off the floor at Charles De Gualle when my gate is called in the morning after sleeping in the airport to save money:


I also cannot at, "I hope she plays Ain't No Big Deal!" and other pleas for absolute j-tier hits at a Madonna Greatest Hits Tour when she has quite literally over a dozen genre-defining supernovas to fit into this setlist. Maybe in every other show of hers where there has been thematic purpose to playing something off the beaten path, but when the remit here is "Play the hits mother mom!", you need to be leaving your anti-tour delusions at door. I was thinking of absolute essentials for the setlist and even then I'm sure some of these are going to be left out for her own personal favourites and, you know, slightly lesser known mega smashes. And y'all are trying to manifest fucking "Gambler" out of some demonic need for it to have an outing? I can't. Imagine harvesting your own organs to pay for a nosebleed ticket and having to say, "She came on late so we didn't get the encore and the show finished at Gambler." LOVE YOURSELVES. I mean:

Everybody (for ceremonial purposes)
Like A Virgin
Material Girl
Into The Groove
Papa Don't Preach
Open Your Heart
La Isla Bonita
Like A Prayer
Ray Of Light
Hung Up

And for being songs she likes/the name of the tour:

Give It 2 Me
Bitch I'm Madonna

And even then I'm sure there will be ones here we don't get. I'm shaking. Potentially the best pop concert setlist of all time and y'all are trying to wish Vision Quest soundtrack padding right between "Vogue" and "Into The Groove". NO!!!

Anyway am I back or not who knows. Let's see how I get on tomorrow!
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I've tried all pre-sales and nothing so far. I've got my man trying to get tickets for us tomorrow morning while I'm in class. I'm desperate to see her live again.
Closing should be Holiday.

While it does always deliver and it would kill, this is done to death at this point.

It's obvious as RJF said that this is going to be wall to wall hits setlist wise (plus Celebration and like 2 songs she likes), but I'd like her to be creative and unexpected with basically everything else. The stage already shows that this isn't anything we'd have predicted, so I hope the setlist follows suit.

Bookend the shows with Beautiful Stranger or Get Together or something completely unexpected! Ray of Light would be a cute closer actually.
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I want a massive video of 4 decades cut together into one minute, lights down, an arena shaking bassline, silence, "BITCH I'M MADONNA" echoing through the venue, lights, camera, action, Like A Virgin in full and original version, followed by a two hour megamix of every single single she ever dropped supervised by Honey Dijon and hosted by Bob. She doesn't even need to do much after that, we will be living.

And I don't even think it is that absurd.
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