Madonna - The Celebration Tour

I just wish she did a second leg in Europe so bad... I'd go back in a f*cking instant.
Same, even if it meant far worse seats than I had in London. I think I’d actually prefer sitting a lot further back just so I could take more in. Even just the lighting in Nothing Really Matters catches me when I watch back- the timing, the flares, the arrangement- EVERYTHING is just so intentional.

Speaking of which, I’ve been rewatching her Grammy opening and… she sounds kinda great? Maybe I’m confusing it with Power of Goodbye but I’d always thought it was heavily criticised. Apart from pushing too hard at times, it’s a great performance with no background vocal of her own at all to support her.
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Could be a misunderstanding, but Bob was interviewed for Los Angeles Magazine ahead of the 5 LA shows and the interviewer says the tour "closes in July".
Some thoughts before I take a nap:

1. The show is quite literally a reflection of Madonna herself: a collision of sound, vision, art, politics, and culture.

2. She sounds amazing.

3. Ray of Light might just be tour highlight for me. What a fucking display of force.

4. It’s interesting that the four masked Madonna’s that appear on stage with her are pre-fame Madonna, Blond Ambition, Human Nature, and American Life Madonna. A throughline of rebellion if you will. (Her mind.)

5. I love her.
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Such an incredible night. I don’t know how to explain what a source of life this show is. It felt like an end but also feels like a reset for what’s to come. I’m so happy I got to share this moment with mother <3

Wow at this image. The power.