Madonna - The Celebration Tour

I was there last night at the first show in Mexico City, it was absolutely magical. I do not really believe in the spiritual or metaphysical but I can tell you she radiates a power that I never felt before. You feel her force and her spirit when you see her live.

She had a somber tone when she talked to the audience, mentioning death a few times in different contexts. She stressed how death has followed her throughout her career and how she would like to be remembered as a fighter after she passes.

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Other than the ones that were cancelled due to the rescheduling, no she hasn't.

It occurs to me that I really enjoy these free flowing confessionals of hers, I hang on to her every word. I wonder if the biopic project is really dead, maybe she can do some sort of long form documentary tv series where she narrates every period of her life and career with archival footage and behind the scenes materials. I just love hearing Madonna speak on Madonna without dumb interviewers constantly asking about her age.
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Nothing warms my heart more than seeing Mom cuss out a cop in Spanish @Applause
WAIT why wasn't I notified of this mention!!!!

Ultimately, the song is way more anthemic than Take a Bow and I like that the tour low key ended up being the Erotica Celebration tour hihi.
"Take a Bow" would be a great tour closer (take a bow... the NIGHT IS OVER... say GOODBYE) before an encore (which she hardly ever does, but we could call it one) featuring "Music", "Bitch, I'm Madonna, "Celebration" or something. "Take a Bow" could be presented in an epic way, something cinematic, acted out. I have no idea why she decided to throw it in with the backdrop for "Rain" (and probably originally for "Frozen"). The last part of this show is certainly a choice. Perhaps "Take a Bow" IS meant to be the closer with everything else that follows the encore. It's still a weird way to present it. If there is a tour documentary coming, I hope they show just how this setlist was decided. Perhaps she simply couldn't make up her mind. That leaked MDNA Tour backstage making of footage would have made a great film. It really showed just how much work goes into these shows. I wonder if that footage was considered for a documentary that just never came to fruition.

Totally unrelated, something we should all keep in mind once the tour is over...

I wonder how she'll be once this tour is completed. Will she finally sit and face the fact that she nearly died? PTSD? Will she reassess her career and life? That happens to a lot of people who are forced to face their own mortality. She's pretty distracted now and the full effect of what happened to her might not have hit her yet. Basically, we may see her do something totally different, totally unlike her, in the coming years. More time off? She was contracted to complete this tour. Had all this happened before the tour had gotten underway, she may have scrapped the idea altogether. Many fans have been reporting that she has seemed down or just not in the best of spirits. I'm not expecting new music anytime soon, especially with what she went through last year. This might have totally changed her. It'd be nice if fans keep this in mind before complaining that she's taking too long to give us something new. I've been seeing people complaining that the Max Martin song hasn't been released and complaining that it's been so long since her last album. Let's give her a break.
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Apparently she referenced the songs Holy Water and I’m A Sinner last night in Mexico

Can anybody explain whether she sang a line from each song?