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Madonna: The Discography Rate - #99

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. $38 million.
  2. RJF



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  3. I can still hear her dulcet gravel through these gifs.

    Rest in peridots, queen.
  4. Okay, I thought that the spreadsheet already had the highest/lowest score and number of 10's/0's columns, because the one where I input scores for my rate has both (thanks, @soratami/@londonrain).

    It will also be interesting to see which songs received 10's in the previous rate, but not here and vice versa, as well as which poor songs didn't get any in both rates.
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  5. Interesting... looking at the songs I couldn't guess what is it that makes this wider pool of voters favor Something to Remember or Sooner or Later over He's a Man or Back in Business. The latter are maybe more pastichy/theatrical, but we've also pushed Hanky Panky higher than previously, and that one's one of the most theatrical.

    Maybe Sooner or Later and Hanky Panky were helped this time by having performances? The size of this rate makes me think it's mostly hard-core Madonna fans voting, and they're more likely to know of these performances.
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  6. I think Hanky Panky benefits ever so slightly from single effect, Sooner or Later benefits from the performance, and Something to Remember benefits from its inclusion on the eponymous album.
  7. Something To Remember benefits from being a truly great song.
  8. So, for years I thought Madonna shaking during her performance was due to nerves, but I remember reading this from an excerpt from a book about the Oscars. I don't know how true it is. Whoever wrote this really seemed to hate her and the circumstances sound absolutely far-fetched, but it's high-key hilarious all the same.

    Best bits. When learning a female camera operator had been injured and would delay Madonna rehearsing her performance:

    But instead of expressing concern, the pop legend was enraged when she was informed her performance had been delayed by the mishap - and reportedly commented, "But she's just lying there. Can't we just do this?"

    But the absolute best is:

    The situation got worse when a technician fell asleep and ruined a planned stunt which was supposed to involve her microphone appearing out of nowhere. Pond recalls in the tome due out next month, "(Madonna launched) into an astonishingly profane tirade, despite the fact that the area below the stage was also occupied by a group of children. Furious, she grabbed (the bearer of the bad news) around the neck and lifted him bodily off the ground, not relinquishing her grip until the trapdoor opened and she began to rise."

  9. My Top 5 from I'm Breathless (that song aside) in order would be:
    Now I'm Following You
    Back in Business
    Hanky Panky
    He's a Man
    Sooner or Later

    So ooop that (the lovely) Something to Remember outlasted them all. Can't be too upset overall tho.
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  10. The microphone story is true—Madonna relayed it a later interview, maybe in Rolling Stone? It wasn't her platform that malfunctioned, it was the one to lift the mic stand, so when she started going up on the live broadcast with the mic to follow a techie started hissing, "The mic's not going up! The mic's not going up!" or something to that effect. So she figured she was going to be standing there in front of the entire world without a mic! Or at least that's how I remember it.

    And if the kids don't know who General Schwarzkopf is, well, you're definitely younger than me!
  11. Overall, I'm not overly bothered by anything that's left so far - although I do think some of the material from MDNA is unfairly maligned (I Fucked Up, Some Girls, I'm A Sinner).

    I've been ready for a Hard Candy culling. Rebel Heart is ripe for more picking, & a couple from Madame X (Killers, I Rise, Crazy - yeahisaidit.mp3) can get gone, too.
  12. Killers was eliminated yesterday nn
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  13. Dddddd I forgot. Yay!
  14. That Oscars performance! Goosebumps!
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  15. One More Chance is such a vanilla, damage control, 90s AC pandering song, I can't really take it seriously. It's not a bad song by any means but it exists purely because it was part of this big scheme of getting M's PR more on the waterline, with Evita and everything else happening at the time.

    Sooner or Later is majestic. I can understand its early exit but it gave us an epic moment with the performance. And it's so lush to listen to on vinyl.

    I sincerely forget History exists sometimes.
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  16. History out before Super Pop and Fighting Spirit.

  17. Super Pop is gone.
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  18. K94


  19. I can't believe "Girl Gone Wild" has a 6+ average in a rate of Madonna's entire discography.
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