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Madonna: The Discography Rate - #99

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. I’m still convinced if it weren’t for that film the Erotica era would look very different.
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  2. Why did I think this was about the Ciara album before opening the spoiler ddd
  3. [​IMG]
  4. As a fan of Madonna, Girl Gone Wild really felt like the...end of something. And that was fucking painful. I don’t believe any actual long-term stans really love it - you can’t. You can’t if you were there. It was embarrassing. So was GAYLUV but that sort of felt intentionally silly and whimsical and somehow forgivable. This felt like every time she’d ever been called desperate proven right, in song form. Thank god Rebel Heart restored the faith.

    I bop more freely nowadays, but really only to the (surprisingly good) remixes. It was a trauma. You’re all mutherfuckers for letting it get this far I SWEARuh!
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  5. The MDNA Tour opening is so iconic. It's truly out of this world. A full spectacle that makes even a basic bop like Girl Gone Wild (which I gave a 9 because... it works with MDNA) looks majestic.
  6. She really elevated a lot of the songs on The MDNA Tour, which really proves how the album would’ve been a whole lot better had she committed herself fully to it. I prefer the tour renditions of Love Spent and I Don’t Give A to the album versions.
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  7. Is it though? I feel like it has, like, three notes. That hey-ey-ey-eyeyey-ey-ey line is one of her limpest choruses ever.

    I think I was perhaps a bit generous with my 6, but I've seen that MDNA Tour performance of it SO many times and of her singles I think only Turn up the Radio and Hey You I rated lower. I always get surprised it has so many defenders.
  8. RJF


    I mean sis, you can argue all day long about the fundamentals but melody is the least of my issues with "Girl Gone Wild" because of the festering package around it, and even then your argument about it being a more solid song than most on its parent album (big achievement) basically boils down to thinking... it's a bop. Which, fine, okay, but it's utterly soulless. Madonna is pop's inaugural and eternal bad girl and has been brushing religion into her work for literal decades. A song about her being lead astray and being tempted into being naughty up in the club is just nonsense, when Madonna has always been the goddamn snake. The temptation. It's just such a weirdly out of character song that serves no purpose on top of being actively awful. Also... the chorus is rubbish, so we'll agree to disagree there.

    The entire thing was just a weird relinquishing of stance and power for the sake of an easy EDM song. And sorry, but this is the kind of blinkered thing that I'm talking about in the write up. For all the talk we've had in this thread about how hard scoring was when you factor in everything she's ever done, I would have thought bombing something as unpleasant and poorly made as this out would be a no brainer - especially from people who I've seen bash Rebel Heart for quality but apparently think this is a fun bop (and yes @theelusivechanteuse that was at you, queer!) - but people seem to have been selective about when the standards apply and when they don't.
  9. Yeah Girl Gone Wild high scorers actively misunderstand what makes Madonna great, or if they truly enjoy it, should still have adjusted their score accordingly for this rate of her entire discography.
  10. The Girl Gone Wild video is cringe tbh, all the blatant queer-baiting. The scene where she’s writhing on the floor with Jon Kortajarena and Sean O’Pry though... lucky girl.
  11. Body of Evidence was more or less a Basic Instinct rip-off, so yeah.
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  12. There's only so much tinkering and tampering with your scores you can do. Sometimes you score based on visceral feeling. I gave Girl Gone Wild a 9 because I cherish it as much as many of the other songs in this rate, and I initially had given it a 10 and a 9.5... I live for the scathing commentary, but I can at once understand what makes this song draw the ire of so many Madonna stans while also holding a special space for it!
  13. Girl Gone Wild was a 9 for me, very nearly a 10.

    It is objectively terrible, and I can't fault anything in RJF's write-up.
    It's for all those reasons that I find it absolutely mesmerising, it's just so soulless and detached. Coupled with the genuinely excellent spoken word intro (+ the fact that it's a self-reference) & great song title, it makes for a so-bad-its-great track.
  14. Girl Gone Wild is the opposite of fun. Hang that write-up in the Louvre!
  15. Obviously, it's not a classic, but it does what it sets out to do: serve some wink-wink, nudge-nudge trashy fun. Not all songs have to be Live to Tell-deep.
  16. I gave Girl Gone Wild a 6.5/10. I don't hate it. The tour performance made it more memorable and a tad more enjoyable.
  17. I‘m mystified at the extremely positive and (at the same time) extremely negative scores for trashy but harmless songs like Girl Gone Wild or...album outros and non-songs like Act of Contrition. Both of these experiments did not deserve a single fucking if they‘re up there will some of her very best tracks. You‘re insane.
  18. Oof. That Girl Gone Wild write-up is so savage, so brutal, so precise, so on point, I'm sure it sent a pang of pain down Madonna's spine as it was being posted. But honestly ...





  19. I gave Girl Gone Wild 6.5. It probably earned half those points because the Official Music Video is so good:

  20. I remember Girl Gone Wild came on in Cruz 101 and the dance floor was deserted, I low key bopped though.
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