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Madonna: The Discography Rate - #99

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. One thing I like about Hard Candy is how most of the songs have some sort of sonic shift towards the end, which nearly always makes the last 1-2 minutes of each song the best part. It's a good way to justify the longer running times, though sometimes it does feel like you're just sitting through fairly average songs waiting to get to the really good parts. Definitely makes rating the songs a bit tricky.
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  2. The outro of She's Not Me is overlong and unnecessary, however.
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  3. I think Papa Don't Preach will get my 11.
  4. Rebel Heart is a good contemporary Pop album. Living For Love, Ghosttown, Unapologetic Bitch, Hold Tight, Iconic and Bitch I'm Madonna are the standouts for me and on a whole, it works. What lets it down is how bloated it is. Sad to see it brought the average down so much because there's a decent album in there somewhere. 14 tracks were all that's needed.

    Need to do another listen or two but planning to move onto Madame X this weekend.
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  5. LTG


    Apparently this was 22 years ago today

    An 11 of a performance.
  6. And brought us an 11 of a GIF, too:
  7. A 3,000 of a performance. The only time she's been able to give the song what it truly deserves.
  8. True Blue’s title track is excellent though!
  9. I did my averages. Music came out on top - the score definitely would have been higher without the bonus tracks. My least favourite according to this is True Blue which...yeah, fair. I think I was probably over generous but the two 9s I gave to it really helped considering it completely disassembles after Where's The Party.

    Madonna - 8.12. Highest 10, lowest 6.5.
    Like A Virgin - 7.16. Highest 8, lowest 6
    True Blue - 6.33. Highest 9, lowest 2
    Like A Prayer - 7.72. Highest 10, lowest 3
    I’m Breathless - 6.77. Highest 10, lowest 4
    Erotica - 7.73. Highest 9.5, lowest 7
    Bedtime Stories - 7.86. Highest 10, lowest 6.6
    Ray Of Light - 8.85. Highest 10, lowest 7
    Music - 9.29. Highest 10, lowest 6
    American Life - 8.86. Highest 10, lowest 8.5
    Confessions On A Dance Floor - 8.14. Highest 10, lowest 6.5
    Hard Candy - 8.23. Highest 10, lowest 5
    MDNA - 6.7. Highest 9, lowest 1
    Rebel Heart - 7.37. Highest 10, lowest 0
    Madame X - 7.88. Highest 10, lowest 5.5
    Extras - 9.22. Highest 10, lowest 1.5
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  10. Excuse you, but isn't "La Isla Bonita" (a.k.a. one of the most iconic songs of the 80's and an 11 contender) after "Where's the Party" in the album sequencing?
  11. Sorry for double post, but I did not expect "Supernatural" to be my favourite discovery from "Like a Prayer" sessions.
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. I know it's a messy opinion, but I always fall for these more atmospheric yet interesting songs she did with Patrick Leonard.
    Of course, "Like a Prayer" (the song) obliterates all the rest, but I honestly didn't make any huge discoveries from that album given that the only songs I was already familiar with are "Like a Prayer" and "Oh Father" (Sia version).
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  14. Supernatural wasn't easy on the ears at all, but I think there's a good song buried somewhere in there
  15. What on Earth?

    I’ll pray for you.
  16. RJF


    After this weekend it'll be a mere fortnight until voting closes. Turns out time does not go slowly for those who wait because I've just realised I've still got a lot of graphics to make nn.

    Also, I had a conversation with a voter over the last few days that resulted in them (amicably!) removing their ballot from the rate. This was down to me pointing out that their overall average score for the entire rate was... 5.5/10. While I don't want this rate to be for hardcores only and I'm pleased to see so many people taking the opportunity to get to know Madonna's discography for the first time, it's maybe worth keeping in mind that if you've found the majority of what you've listened to be lacking... it's maybe not the rate for you. I don't want this to put anyone off (my own average score is 6.95/10 and I've happily accepted lower) but do keep stuff like this in mind.
  17. I know most people will say it's the effect of it being a rarity or whatever but I legitimately adore Supernatural and would put it in my Top 5 from the Like a Prayer era.
  18. About to listen to Madame X for the first time.
  19. Going through the 40 song run of MDNA + Rebel Heart is genuinely tiring. It just never ends.
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